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Hopeful and confident about the future.
  1. 'the government was optimistic that reform would take place'
  2. 'He remains optimistic that the players will perform better than they did last year.'
  3. 'Mentors encourage change by making others feel hopeful and optimistic about the future.'
  4. 'He was optimistic that the latest book would sell well judging by the sales of his last two books.'
  5. 'Rajinder is optimistic that India will gets its act together in Athens.'
  6. 'I am guardedly optimistic that the president will nominate a strong conservative.'
  7. 'I'm optimistic that both those dates will be met and that we'll continue to move forward.'
  8. 'Mr Grant is optimistic that building works will begin at this location early next year.'
  9. 'She admires her own daughter-in-law for opting not to work, and is optimistic that more women may follow Dr Laura's lead.'
  10. 'Many experts are cautiously optimistic that things will improve by the end of the year, although it could be a rollercoaster ride.'
  11. 'Unfortunately, my pharmacist is having trouble tracking this down, and I am not optimistic that he will succeed.'
  12. 'It is clear that my estimate for successfully overcoming the process problems was far too optimistic.'
  13. 'Unfortunately, her assessment may be more optimistic than accurate.'
  14. 'George may very well have been justified in his optimistic estimate.'
  15. 'An optimistic estimate would probably be a couple of hundred pounds.'


1. disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.

2. reflecting a favorable view of events and conditions and the expectation of a positive outcome; demonstrating optimism: an optimistic plan.

3. of or relating to optimism.

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"people can be optimistic about futures."

"people can be optimistic about outlooks."

"people can be optimistic about things."

"people can be optimistic of things."

"people can be optimistic about talks."

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