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(of a fluid) slowly trickle or seep out of something.
  1. 'honey oozed out of the comb'
  2. 'Blood oozed from the wound, trickling down his side to the towel beneath him.'
  3. 'Team workers said water had oozed into the cellar and the iron box was rusted and it will take great skill to open the iron box.'
  4. 'A clear liquid slowly oozing through it, entering through my skin into my blood veins.'
  5. 'He could smell the fresh, warm blood oozing from her many wounds.'
  6. 'Blood oozed from the wounds, staining his hands.'
  7. 'His suit was stained by the blood still oozing from gunshot wounds to his neck and chest.'
  8. 'At one point we accidentally overturned a sledge and a trickle of brown liquid oozed out of the sledge onto the white snow.'
  9. 'A trickle of green blood oozed from the malachite-green hide, but it was little more than a pinprick.'
  10. '‘Solo’ he would shout impatiently when one boy was not fast enough in cleaning the blood oozing from the wounds.'
  11. 'The eyes bulge, the lips distort and foul-smelling gases ooze from every orifice.'
  12. 'Gnaw's lard component proved far less stable than the chocolate one, displaying a tendency to ooze, crack and eventually collapse.'
  13. 'I pushed it to the margins of my plate, where it oozed salty, sour juice into the rest of my food.'
  14. 'The skin of rotten fruit broke, and matter oozed too thick to run.'
  15. 'The symptoms of eczema can include red, itchy skin, rash, blisters or bumps that itch and ooze, or scaly, brownish, thick skin.'
  16. 'His exceptional talent at putting acrylics and oils together on board and letting them ooze is a lesson on how to do this kind of thing and all those kids in ARI-land should get down to the Wynne and check it out.'
  17. 'A blackberry pie, oozing purple juice, was placed in front of him.'
  18. 'Alternatively, take the backbone out of a couple of smaller sandeels to leave the juicy fillets attached to the head, then bind these around a whole small sandeel to make a big bait that's oozing juice.'
Give a powerful impression of (a quality)
  1. 'Ulverston is South Lakeland's second largest town and oozes its own character and charm.'
  2. 'Shot mostly in dark tunnels and grimy city streets, it oozes a gothic quality.'
  3. 'The Mini PC's solid cast-aluminium casing oozes quality and it's hard not to fall in love with it at first sight.'
  4. 'West Brom may not be a Premiership side for much longer but the crosses oozed top-flight quality.'
  5. 'They ooze charm and charisma, with more sizzle than a steak…'
  6. 'Dating back 400 years, the Inn at Lathones oozes history.'
  7. 'The Irish players within that group oozed a quality you were always looking up to.'
  8. 'Built as a fortified city behind large, thick walls on a small mountain, Siena oozes history.'
  9. 'It may be a little too enthralled by its relationship to other films but this is still the kind of magnificent film-making that oozes quality from every frame.'
  10. 'The musicianship is outstanding and oozes an incredible amount of experimentation.'


The sluggish flow of a fluid.
  1. 'Evolution crawls out of the primordial ooze from whence it sprang onto your DVD player.'
  2. 'Demons and other night-fevers flowed like a repellant ooze to infest the night.'
  3. 'It's like watching life emerge from the primordial ooze.'
  4. 'Bleeding was defined as any ooze, leaking, or frank blood drainage from the puncture site.'
An infusion of oak bark or other vegetable matter, used in tanning.


    Wet mud or slime, especially that found at the bottom of a river, lake, or sea.
    1. 'Everything died and sank into the ooze at the bottom.'
    2. 'Currently, there is a toy on the market that consists of a green gelatinous ooze; it is called, simply, Slime.'
    3. 'When the drill strikes water, there is a river of thick yellow ooze that will trap an unwary two-wheeler or a small car, in no time.'
    4. 'In the mid-1960s, scientists dredging up ooze from the bottom of the Mediterranean began to notice a thick layer of ash that they linked to Thera's eruption.'
    5. 'Then it gave out a horrible, inhuman wail and melted back into black ooze.'
    6. 'But the banks continue to be muddy primeval ooze.'
    7. 'It's black ooze spilled over her hand and it's body fell to the floor.'
    8. 'The monster that had once been our friend transformed himself into a huge scaly beast, covered in dripping ooze.'
    9. 'There it was, immense and gray and hulking, a 200-foot wall of boulders and gravel and muddy ooze.'
    10. 'The monster stumbled back as purple ooze started to spill out of its metallic form.'
    11. 'As the diatoms die, they sink to the ocean floor, becoming a thick ooze of decomposing matter, and eventually giving rise to deposits of the sediment called diatomaceous earth.'
    12. 'Initial deposition above the Base-Chalk reflection is interpreted as formed by pelagic settling of chalk ooze under quiet, low-energy conditions.'
    13. 'The fossil-bearing chalk deposits were laid down as ocean-floor ooze hundreds of kilometers from the waterways shores.'

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    1. (of moisture, liquid, etc.) to flow, percolate, or exude slowly, as through holes or small openings.

    2. to move or pass slowly or gradually, as if through a small opening or passage: The crowd oozed toward the entrance.

    3. (of a substance) to exude moisture.

    4. (of something abstract, as information or courage) to appear or disappear slowly or imperceptibly (often followed by out or away): His cockiness oozed away during my rebuttal speech. |

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    "confidences can be oozing."

    "bloods can be oozing."

    "packages can be oozing."

    "haemorrhages can be oozing."

    "classes can be oozing."

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    (ooze)Old English wāse; related to Old Norse veisa ‘stagnant pool’. In Middle English and the 16th century the spelling was wose (rhyming with repose), but from 1550 spellings imply a change in pronunciation and influence by ooze.