Adjective "Nutriment" definition and examples

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Nourishment; sustenance.
  1. figurative 'he took the Bible for spiritual nutriment'
  2. 'With these events in mind, it is extraordinary that a man with his limited resources, loss of sleep, lack of nutriment, and high levels of psychological stress performs so brilliantly.'
  3. 'Eventually, in his final entry, he writes ‘I am weaker than ever although I have a good appetite, and relish the nardoo much, but it seems to give no nutriment, and the birds here are so shy as not to be got at.’'

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1. any substance or matter that, taken into a living organism, serves to sustain it in its existence, promoting growth, replacing loss, and providing energy.

2. anything that nourishes; nourishment; food.


(nutriment)Late Middle English: from Latin nutrimentum, from nutrire ‘feed, nourish’.