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(of food) containing substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.
  1. 'The nourishing soup had been freshly made with broccoli, spinach, celery and carrots, all naturally full of fibre.'
  2. 'Not only did the goat provide the family with more nourishing food but the surplus milk was sold to make a small income, which allowed the children to attend school.'
  3. 'She put her longevity down in part to the plain food she had eaten over the years - home grown vegetables, very little tinned food, and nourishing desserts, like steamed puddings.'
  4. 'Seaweeds, of course, are a food with a long history of medicinal use, both as a nourishing food tonic and as a medicine.'
  5. 'Wilton, in particular, is a scream as gentle-voiced Mum, who delays the group's flight while she makes nourishing sandwiches for everyone.'
  6. 'However, most people with drug and alcohol dependency have access to a nourishing diet and are lucky enough not to need to go on the street to feed their habit.'
  7. 'The 160 technicians put in eight-hour shifts and the employees - from the plant director down - eat hearty, nourishing meals from the same, heavily subsidized menu.'
  8. 'You need not take a home-study course in animal nutrition to feed your pug a balanced, nourishing diet.'
  9. 'The special, a curried fennel and potato stew with a tomato base, was nourishing, but was served with overcooked rice - given the potatoes in the stew, it would have been enough by itself.'
  10. 'As the children filled their forks with nourishing food, bodily complications were discussed.'


1. promoting or sustaining life, growth, or strength: a nourishing diet.

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"nothings can be nourishing to doubts."

"foods can be nourishing."

"meals can be nourishing."

"fluids can be nourishing."

"diets can be nourishing."

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