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Showing too much curiosity about other people's affairs.
  1. 'stop being so nosy!'
  2. 'Sometimes it's the local fraud squad that fingers the cheats, sometimes it's a nosy neighbour, and sometimes it's just a matter of chance.'
  3. 'I was playing a woman named Mary Worthless who just was just a nosy busybody.'
  4. 'To that end, every evening the marina staff stretch a cable across the entrance of the harbor to prevent any nosy boaters from making uninvited pit stops.'
  5. 'You ought to have a talk with those nosy neighbors of yours!'
  6. 'Nobody likes a nosy neighbour much less a nosy family member.'
  7. 'However, nosy neighbours will be disappointed to hear they will not be able get their hands on the technology to satisfy their spying urges.'
  8. 'Keep your eyes down so they don't think you're being nosy.'
  9. 'She knew better than to trust anything the nosy neighbor said.'
  10. 'As if the nosy neighbours hadn't been curious enough, Brian definitely made an entrance nobody would forget.'
  11. 'The company didn't only spy on nosy journalists, however.'


Pry into something.
  1. 'I had intended walking through the marvellous Kirkton Glen to Glen Dochart, but spent too much time noseying around the church instead.'
  2. 'In fact, arriving in the city at this time of day is perfect - a few hours to nosy around, have a quick bite and get to bed at a reasonable hour.'
  3. 'Mind you, I'm always noseying at books and coveting.'
  4. 'We're nosying around a suite at London's Charlotte Street Hotel while the photographer sets up.'
  5. 'Carla has added her flag design to her blog, and since I'm up in Rotorua I thought I'd nosey through piles of dusty school projects and find the concept sketches I did for a new flag.'


1. unduly curious about the affairs of others; prying; meddlesome.

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"people can be nosy."

"friends can be nosy."

"salts can be nosy."

"types can be nosy."

"thens can be nosy."

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