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Causing or liable to cause a feeling of nausea or disgust; disgusting.
  1. 'some nauseating, sentimental ditty'
  2. 'It shone brightly in the hellish sky, reflecting the nauseating light from the street lamp.'
  3. 'Important factual aspects to the plot are meted out in small nuggets of narrative mashed between massive marathons of nauseating nonsense.'
  4. 'The first is the nauseating stench of sewerage which pervades many of the hospital wards.'
  5. 'Being rushed to hospital by ambulance can be a nauseating business.'
  6. 'Patients were terribly emaciated and gave off a nauseating odour which almost halted me at the first door.'
  7. 'Families living near the refinery say it is also responsible for a nauseating smell that often lasts for several hours.'
  8. 'But still, the whole letter had the vague, nauseating odor of threatened legal action.'
  9. 'And yet our leaders who talk of freedom and human rights seem to be so silent on this nauseating conduct.'
  10. 'But three weeks later, the rotting carcasses of dead rats had still not been collected, and were producing a nauseating smell.'
  11. 'Now I was seeing it for what it was: a nauseating den of human filth.'


1. causing sickness of the stomach; nauseous.

2. such as to cause contempt, disgust, loathing, etc.: I had to listen to the whole nauseating story.

More examples(as adjective)

"stenchs can be nauseating."

"smells can be nauseating."

"spectacles can be nauseating."

"sights can be nauseating."

"details can be nauseating."

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