Adjective "Multiplicity" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


A large number or variety.
  1. 'For some hardline individuals on a great number of issues there simply is no room for debate or a multiplicity of opinion at all.'
  2. 'Currently, local police forces have to address a multiplicity of demands on their resources.'
  3. 'It has a multiplicity of meanings, as I hope has become clear.'
  4. 'This classic narrative structure theoretically permits a multiplicity of perspectives.'
  5. 'It is this multiplicity of choices that drives a consumer society.'
  6. 'However, the biological significance of this multiplicity of enzymes remains unclear.'
  7. 'Future research should attempt to assess the complexity or multiplicity of roles that constitute the work role.'

More definitions

noun, plural multiplicities.

1. a large number or variety: a multiplicity of errors.

2. the state of being multiplex or manifold; manifold variety.


(multiplicity)Late Middle English: from late Latin multiplicitas, from Latin multiplex (see multiplex).