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Covered in or full of mud.
  1. 'I slid down the bank into a muddy puddle and entered the sheltered area.'
  2. 'Whilst on our walk up a very muddy road, I realised I had lost the postcard.'
  3. 'I don't mind getting a bit muddy.'
  4. 'Both battleships had been disabled, and settled on the muddy bottom of the harbour.'
  5. 'You can leave your muddy boots there and chuck your coat on the hook.'
  6. 'The floor hadn't been cleaned in years and muddy footprints clung to the lino.'
  7. 'The well-behaved children sat on the floor, which when it rained, became muddy.'
  8. 'I can't rake up the leaves from the grass yet - it's far too muddy and wet for that.'
  9. 'Then I ended up in the muddy drainage ditch, so I was in a word, filthy.'
  10. 'I got all muddy and it didn't hurt any more.'
  11. 'the original colours were blurred into muddy pink and yellow'
  12. 'Overall, the volume is attractively produced, with only a few typos and photographs that were muddy and dark.'
  13. 'Her eyes are a dark, muddy brown, and there are bags even bigger than the ones under my eyes under hers.'
  14. 'He reached and roughly grabbed the young boy's muddy blond hair, muddy as in dark not mud, and he pulled it tightly and yanked the boy close to him.'
  15. 'Too much Worcestershire or hot sauce will make the drink muddy and too spicy.'
  16. 'He felt his stomach heave and nearly fell to his knees, his eyes going dark, muddy gray.'
  17. 'The graphics are dull and muddy at the best of times.'
  18. 'I think the blue wash that old ladies use looks bright white to them, whereas bright white looks like a dingy, muddy yellow.'
  19. 'She is wearing gold loafers that seem oddly bright on the muddy blue carpet.'
  20. 'Instead of muddy red, his uniform was now dark green.'
  21. 'She ran across the fields and down a path, which was a dark red muddy color now.'
  22. 'The Deftones were good but suffered a muddy sound mix.'
  23. 'The soundtrack seemed muddy at times but overall the sound was respectable.'
  24. 'The sound is muddy and tinny, and it's hard to make out some of the dialogue.'
  25. 'To my ears, it simply sounds like grainy, muddy ambient music and experiments in granular synthesis.'
  26. 'The sound is stereo, and is a bit bass-heavy and muddy, but dialogue is easily heard.'
  27. 'In that case, tones got a bit muddy.'
  28. 'Sound quality is quite bad, with a mono track that has substantial hissing and popping, and a very muddy sound.'
  29. 'He also opens up the music's textures, clarifying orchestration that can seem muddy in other conductors' hands.'
  30. 'The songs sound like they were recorded on a cassette tape; the sound is muddy, boxy, and dull, with little stereo separation.'
  31. 'He often complained about muddy pedaling that obscured the musical line.'
  32. 'some sentences are so muddy that their meaning can only be guessed'
  33. 'There were no grey areas, no muddy patches of confusion to catch you off guard.'
  34. 'The moral of this story is muddy - although it's clear that I should have purchased Pepsi stock before the Britney deal.'
  35. 'Beevor is a great writer; his style is clear and precise and the details are never muddy regardless of their level of complexity.'
  36. 'Nobody write another paragraph on Vietnam or the National Guard or muddy politics or dirty laundry.'
  37. 'Hence, the nature of the audience using the Internet quickly becomes muddy.'


Cover or fill (something) with mud.
  1. 'He was looking forlornly over the spilt broth, and egg and bacon sandwich that were lying, muddied up and trod on, on the ground.'
  2. 'His wife is next him, her blue skirt hem muddied, her arms full of their youngest child.'
  3. 'McLellan may have been wet, bedraggled and muddied but she could still raise a big smile at the prospect of making that first underground sighting of a wombat, cosy and safe, far down in its den.'
  4. 'Here they provide pull-on boot covers, so you don't muddy the floor or have to unlace; a very good idea.'
  5. 'It had been so ever since Caroline had arrived home, muddied and in disarray.'
  6. 'Her dress was torn, her legs were scratched and bruised, muddied from crawling on the filthy alley floor.'
  7. 'Pike are acutely sensitive to vibration, as would be caused by dogs wading in shallows and muddying the water.'
  8. 'Stepping out of his red helicopter on the outskirts of Kendal, Prince Charles, dressed in a camel overcoat, dark suit and muddied brogues, spent more than an hour touring the pioneering food park Plumgarths.'
  9. 'You see, this isn't much different than when your child comes home, muddied, bloodied, and aching because some bully decided to beat your little angel.'
  10. 'the first year's results muddy rather than clarify the situation'
  11. 'Incomplete or competing standards further muddied the picture.'
  12. 'When he talks, his words trickle out and things become less muddied.'
  13. 'Treating legal marriage and religious marriage as one thing just muddies up both.'
  14. 'With five people all talking simultaneously, it can get a bit muddied, but there's a sense of fun about the whole thing that makes it absolutely worth a listen.'
  15. 'The result is that the question of who is the more environmental got very muddied.'
  16. 'The picture is further muddied by other factors.'
  17. 'But it also brought so many people at once into the movement that our goals got muddied.'
  18. 'Depending on your perspective, he either clarified or muddied the matter.'
  19. 'I mean, rather than muddy your message along the way, is it better to go with what you know and then make corrections at a later date?'
  20. 'I've been moderately concerned about both - but two small stories muddy up my worries a bit.'


1. abounding in or covered with mud.

2. not clear or pure: muddy colors.

3. cloudy with sediment: muddy coffee.

4. dull, as the complexion.

5. not clear mentally.

6. obscure or vague, as thought, expression, or literary style.

7. Horse Racing. denoting the condition of a track after a heavy, continuous rainfall has ceased and been completely absorbed into the surface, leaving it the consistency of thick mud. verb (used with object), muddied, muddy

More examples(as adjective)

"waters can be muddy for visions."

"people can be muddy from slimes."

"fields can be muddy for plantings."

"boots can be muddy to knees."

"waters can be muddy."

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