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Provide (someone) with a reason for doing something.
  1. 'What motivates him is a desire both to save money on trials, and secure more convictions.'
  2. 'The desire for peer approval and acceptance can motivate young women to act in healthy or hurtful ways, either individually or in groups.'
  3. 'He was partly motivated by his desire to protect his two-year-old son from the ills of global capitalism.'
  4. 'However, John Paul was motivated by more than the desire for a free Polish state.'
  5. 'If patients are to be expected to take part in research for altruistic reasons they have a right to know what reasons motivate the people carrying out the research.'
  6. 'Fear motivates us to drive cautiously even when in a great hurry, and fear makes a diabetic adhere to his diet and take his insulin daily.'
  7. 'Those who know him well insist that he is genuinely motivated by a desire to make people better.'
  8. 'The most common reason motivating women to take hormone replacement therapy is the relief of menopausal symptoms.'
  9. 'The judge, Mr Justice Wakerley, said he was sentencing them on the basis that the attack was not racially motivated.'
  10. 'At the same time, he is motivated by a keen desire to see the raising of Scotland's international profile.'
  11. 'it is the teacher's job to motivate the child at school'
  12. 'Might they say you are highly skilled in terms of motivating your students, in keeping them excited?'
  13. 'The biggest difficulty you have in this job is not to motivate the players but to get them relaxed enough to express their talent.'
  14. 'Centres seemed to be generally well managed, and at most sites staff were well motivated and enthusiastic about their new roles.'
  15. 'You must be able to motivate people, and be capable of providing training wherever necessary.'
  16. 'He understands how to motivate writers, how to inspire them.'
  17. 'He's surrounded by a talented and highly motivated team led by crew chief John Stewart.'
  18. 'What separates exceptional leaders from ordinary leaders is the ability to inspire and motivate employees.'
  19. 'However, one of the main reasons behind this particular course, was to motivate the children as regards to school attendance and classroom work.'
  20. 'I almost feel as if the higher course load actually motivated me to study more.'
  21. 'Organization is a huge part of the job, but motivating players is bigger.'
  22. 'Basically, team members are highly motivated, as has been demonstrated on several occasions.'
Request (something) and present facts and arguments in support of one's request.
  1. 'He motivated his request by telling me that neither trust had any assets and that they served no purpose any longer.'
  2. 'Members of Navachab's management team were instrumental in motivating the project to the Fund.'

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1. to provide with a motive, or a cause or reason to act; incite; impel.

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"somes can be motivated by promises."

"people can be motivated on matches."

"people can be motivated by desires."

"others can be motivated by records."

"others can be motivated by moneys."

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