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Consisting of different qualities or elements.
  1. 'beaches with mixed sand and shingle'
  2. 'Over the past number of years the parade has been of mixed quality with varying degrees of participation from all sectors.'
  3. 'The local community council in what is a mixed residential district however is not as enamoured.'
  4. 'In the mixed commercial and residential areas the heavy masonry arches mark the openings in the building that also double up for shop-windows.'
  5. 'The brief suggested the site should be of mixed use with residential, office, light industrial, small-scale retail, leisure, arts and tourism.'
  6. 'And you need a mixed diet of stories to be emotionally literate.'
  7. 'There is anecdotal evidence that local advice is of mixed quality.'
  8. 'They wanted a mix of different sites and that one was outside a station so it would give a different picture than something in a mixed residential area for example.'
  9. 'Of mixed quality and sometimes dubious authenticity, it is still useful for getting definitions of new and unusual terms.'
  10. 'Controlled trials of physical-activity counseling in adult primary care patients were of variable quality and had mixed results.'
  11. 'Mr Mumford said the council was seeking to achieve high quality, new and refurbished office space as part of mixed retail/residential led projects.'
  12. 'I had mixed feelings about seeing Laura again'
  13. 'In the darkness, she's forced to face her own mixed feelings about death'
  14. 'And so overall one comes away with mixed feelings about this production.'
  15. 'There were mixed reports on the quality of trout fishing over the weekend, some anglers having 4 to 6 trout for a day while others found it hard to get even one fish.'
  16. 'We all instinctively feel that to lose our memory is to lose ourselves, a prospect that stirs audiences with mixed feelings.'
  17. 'However, the predictive validity of suicide assessments has received mixed reviews.'
  18. 'Stories such as this leave me with mixed feelings.'
  19. 'He looks back on the experience with mixed feelings.'
  20. 'The New Year is often greeted with mixed feelings.'
  21. 'This got a mixed reaction, more negative than positive from the crowd.'
  22. 'That moment outside the theatre stirred my already mixed feelings about reviewing Canadian movies.'
  23. 'There is a good range of varieties including several mixed colour types.'
  24. 'The seafood was accompanied by a large mixed salad that the waiter had chosen for us.'
  25. 'The steeper slopes and cliffs of Augill support a mixed woodland of ash, birch and rowan with an interesting ground flora including species such as bluebell, sanicle and wood avens.'
  26. 'I will probably deep fry some to put on mixed greens.'
  27. 'The Warbling Vireo's typical habitat is open deciduous or shrubby mixed woodlands, especially where large trees are present.'
  28. 'Entrées come with mixed greens, soup, nachos or pasta salad.'
  29. 'At this point the aroma of spaghetti Bolognese and freshly cut bread as well as spicy Thai mixed seafood salads with larb-pork stuffed into cool cucumber shells mingled in the air.'
  30. 'In place of kidney beans, I buy a can of mixed beans (for variety in colour and taste).'
  31. 'There's a nice serve-yourself salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, cabbage, carrot and cauliflower, accompanied by creamy dressing.'
  32. 'The canned mixed beans in this salad are sometimes sold as a ‘bean salad in water’.'
  33. 'the college's mixed hockey team'
  34. 'The format is open two bowl triples - i.e. men's, women's or mixed teams.'
  35. 'The sport combines basketball and football, and is played with a volleyball in mixed sex teams of four.'
  36. 'I believe it is the only sport designed for mixed teams.'
  37. 'My friends know better than to ask me to fill in for mixed sports teams when they are short a girl, although I still sometimes get called up as a last resort.'
  38. 'It is suited to boys and girls, with mixed teams taking part.'
  39. 'The competition was for mixed teams and meant that each side had to have at least two girls in their starting line-up.'
  40. 'She also achieved a silver medal in the mixed team randori.'
  41. 'Well who's got the most to gain or to lose from playing this mixed competition?'
  42. 'Girls and boys play in mixed teams until the age of twelve.'
  43. 'Well we're competing against the women's division too and won, and also we're competing against mixed teams.'
  44. 'The second offender was of around 13 to 16 years old of mixed race, 5ft 2in to 5ft 4in and had short dark hair.'
  45. 'The second is described as mixed race possibly Mediterranean around 6ft, in his late teens, with a square face and heavy build.'
  46. 'So even as people living the mixed race experience would seem inherently inclusive, there really seems to be no way around those feelings of closing off to others.'
  47. 'The spokeswoman was responding to a question about the ambiguous descriptions of the offenders, which have ranged from mixed race to white or Afro-Caribbean.'
  48. 'The woman is of mixed race, fair skinned, with dark curly hair, about 5ft 4in, of average build and wearing numerous gold necklaces.'
  49. 'One looked Somali and the other was of mixed race.'
  50. 'Up until the final ten minutes this has been an intelligent, witty and unusually shrewd look at the social acceptance of mixed race relationships.'
  51. 'Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands and is inhabited by people with a mixed race of Caribbean Indian, African and Spanish heritage.'
  52. 'It's called jazzing, a dance of mixed race, so-called Cape Coloreds say they created long before some of these young aficionados were born.'
  53. 'Perhaps someone may remember a white couple in their 50s who adopted a mixed race or black baby boy.'


1. put together or formed by mixing.

2. composed of different constituents or elements: a mixed form of government.

3. of different kinds combined: mixed nuts; mixed emotions.

4. involving or comprised of persons of different sex, class, ethnicity, religion, etc.: mixed company; a mixed neighborhood; a mixed marriage.

5. Law. involving more than one issue or aspect: a mixed question of law and fact.

6. Phonetics. (of a vowel) central.

7. Mathematics. (of partial der

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"tradings can be mixed in/at/on todays."

"demands can be mixed in places."

"outlooks can be mixed in places."

"stocks can be mixed on dates."

"tradings can be mixed in/at/on weeks."

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Late Middle English mixt: from Old French mixte, from Latin mixtus, past participle of miscere ‘to mix’.