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Lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance.
  1. 'The school is extremely strict over these issues and many pupils frequently find themselves in serious trouble over minor breaches.'
  2. 'Another, about 20 percent of patients, will develop minor depression.'
  3. 'Other than those minor details, this summer was going to be spent with large intervals of sleep and bumming around.'
  4. 'The ombudsman's powers of investigation should make a clear distinction between complaints of a serious and minor nature, the HRC argues.'
  5. 'Graphics have been sharpened slightly, but the racing courses are the same, and with minor exceptions, so are the vehicles.'
  6. 'In that time 200 serious injuries and 1,000 minor injuries have been avoided.'
  7. 'A large number reported injuries while drinking, with most fairly minor but others more serious.'
  8. 'In addition, if China removes its missiles but does not destroy them, this would only be of minor military significance.'
  9. 'Several minor incidents of little significance are included.'
  10. 'Crime on the towpaths includes everything from minor thefts to serious assaults and even murder, but the amount of crime reported is relatively low.'
(of a scale) having intervals of a semitone between the second and third degrees, and (usually) the fifth and sixth, and the seventh and eighth.
  1. 'The fingering chart provided on page 111 fails to identify the minor scale form being illustrated.'
  2. 'If a major interval is made a half step smaller without changing its numerical name, it becomes a minor interval.'
  3. 'Concerto in A minor'
  4. 'The Piano Trio in F minor is a gloriously sunny work that is comparable to similar works by Arensky and Tchaikovsky.'
  5. 'It began as the Andante religioso slow movement for an early String Quartet in E minor.'
  6. 'The F minor has a Brahmsian intensity and characteristic polyrhythm in the Scherzo and finale.'
  7. 'The resultant Concerto in B minor for cello and orchestra Op 104 was Dvorák's final large scale orchestral score.'
  8. 'Some of that composer's most deeply felt works are in minor keys.'
  9. 'The return of the minor mode of the first aria at the conclusion provides dramatic resolution to the work where the poet's deceived heart is inflected with irony.'
(following a surname in public schools) indicating the younger of two brothers.
  1. 'Smith minor wasn't quite seven then, and had only just been sent to school.'
(of a term) occurring as the subject of the conclusion of a categorical syllogism.
  1. 'Notice that the minor premise of the syllogism above is only marginally contingent upon historical analysis.'
  2. 'But as with all syllogisms, the validity hinges on the major and minor premises.'
  3. 'You have to establish a major premise and a minor premise.'


A person under the age of full legal responsibility.
  1. 'These same children can, however, suffer the death penalty, the United States being the only industrialized nation that sentences minors to death.'
  2. 'In this document property was transferred to the wife of the deceased, and a guardian was named for children who were minors.'
  3. 'The laws vary from state to state, but in almost every state it's not legal for minors to buy cigarettes.'
  4. 'A child is a minor until the age of legal majority, which is the twelfth birthday for a girl and the thirteenth for a boy.'
  5. 'The report informs that many of these women caught in the raid were girls, minors.'
  6. 'When he died in 1873, his children were still minors, so his property was administered by the Court of Wards.'
  7. 'Yet, four centuries on, we are told that smoking among minors, especially young girls, is on the increase.'
  8. 'Anytime a minor opens a bank account, a parent is legally responsible for it.'
  9. 'The discussion centered around the issue of how easy it was for teenagers to obtain cigarettes even though it is illegal to sell cigarettes to minors.'
  10. 'In the case of a spouse with children, whether minors or adults, the surviving spouse has a legal entitlement to one-third of the deceased's estate.'
A minor key, interval, or scale.
  1. 'Themes initially stated in the major mode recur more strongly in the minor.'
  2. 'Other terms for even numbers of bells include Minor (6 bells), Major (8 bells), Royal (10 bells) and Maximus (12 bells).'
The minor leagues in baseball or American football.
  1. 'A first baseman in the minors, Sexson progressed quickly through the Indians' minor league system.'
  2. 'And after just over a year in the minors, he made his major league debut on June 25, 1983.'
  3. 'A slump ensued, however, necessitating a return trip to the minors in June before another call-up during which he truly established himself as a probable big league standout.'
  4. 'He's a rookie, spent a year in the minors after pitching for Stanford.'
  5. 'It wasn't long ago that the Giants had the best Major League ready pitching prospect depth in the minors.'
  6. 'He was able to get used to the pressure as a closer in college and the minors instead of training for the job as a starter.'
  7. 'You'll never find perfect baseball in the minors, but stories from Miguel Cabrera to Bucky Jacobsen are enough for me.'
  8. 'Young played short in the minors, but his major league experience at the position before this season consisted of 42 innings.'
  9. 'There aren't many teams with more pitching depth in the minors, but this bullpen is terrible.'
  10. 'Bragan's managerial ingenuity in confronting umpires was almost unlimited, both in the major leagues and the minors.'
A student's subsidiary subject or course.
  1. 'The undergraduate program in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity has more than 90 student majors and minors.'
  2. 'Currently, only minors are offered in Education.'
  3. 'My political science minor might have come from a third-tier land grant university but I'm not even that dumb.'
  4. 'I have a bachelor's degree in education with an art minor from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.'
  5. 'Hammond holds a BSEE in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics from Bradley University.'
  6. 'Nor does this word occur in the discussion of requirements and electives for the undergraduate major or minor.'
  7. 'She graduated from Princeton University with a major in biology and minors in Latin American studies and science/human affairs.'
  8. 'This minor is designed for students majoring in another natural science who also may teach chemistry in secondary schools.'
  9. 'While at Drake, she did, however, get serious about completing her bachelor's degree and added a business minor.'
  10. 'Elective courses in the minor must be approved by the student's academic advisor and the Undergraduate Coordinator of the minor.'
A minor term or premise.
  1. 'This is called the fallacy of the illicit minor.'
  1. 'If you don't have a 5-card major, open your longest minor.'
A small drab moth which has purplish caterpillars that feed on grass.
  1. 'Minors and Rustics are extremely small and are often mistaken for micro moths, especially Pyralids.'


Study as or qualify in a subsidiary subject at college or university.
  1. 'Because of her interest in nature, including her love of plant life, she majored in plant genetics and minored in fine art at the University of California in Berkeley.'
  2. 'For Alisa Lewis, a junior from East St. Louis, Ill., who is majoring in architectural engineering and minoring in math, the HAWK Link students and staff have become like extended family.'
  3. 'Garett R. Nadrich is a graduate of Adelphi University, where he majored in Communications and minored in African-American History.'
  4. 'It is also problematic when administrators delay approval for degree programs in ethnic studies even when a solid faculty is in place and many students indicate interest in majoring or minoring in the field.'
  5. 'I went to college with the idea of majoring in art and minoring in English.'
  6. 'Pondexter is majoring in African studies and minoring in sociology.'
  7. 'Dr. Lisle graduated summa cum laude from Ohio Wesleyan University where he double-majored in physics and astronomy, and minored in mathematics.'
  8. 'Alice went to the Santa Fe State University and majored in communication and minored in Spanish.'
  9. 'I'm majoring in architecture, and I'm minoring in Latin American studies.'
  10. 'I ended up attending Western Illinois University, majoring in Music Education and minoring in English Literature'


1. lesser, as in size, extent, or importance, or being or noting the lesser of two: a minor share.

2. not serious, important, etc.: a minor wound; a minor role.

3. having low rank, status, position, etc.: a minor official.

4. under the legal age of full responsibility.

5. Education. of or relating to a field of study constituting a student's minor.

6. Music. (of an interval) smaller by a chromatic half step than the corresponding major interval. (of a chord) having a min

More examples(as adjective)

"floodings can be minor in parts."

"violations can be minor such as failures."

"variations can be minor in places."

"relations can be minor by comparisons."

"problems can be minor in comparisons."

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Middle English: from Latin, ‘smaller, less’; related to minuere ‘lessen’. The term originally denoted a Franciscan friar, suggested by the Latin name Fratres Minores ( ‘Lesser Brethren’), chosen by St Francis for the order.


in a minor key