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Cut up (food, especially meat) into very small pieces, typically in a machine.
  1. 'Poultry, sausages and chopped or minced meat must always be thoroughly cooked.'
  2. 'The potatoes are minced and mixed with chocolate.'
  3. 'A typical example is minced beef cobbler, braised lambs' liver and onions, stuffed tomatoes, seafood flan salad or mixed side salad - all at a reasonable price.'
  4. 'Add the mustard, minced lemon, caper mix, and parsley and pulse to combine.'
  5. 'I tried a coconut milk concoction called ‘Thai fire’ and a simple mixture of oil and minced garlic.'
  6. 'Heat the butter in a pan and fry the finely minced onion to a light brown.'
  7. 'He minced some garlic by hand and scraped it in, added the lime juice, and puréed the concoction until it was a thin soup.'
  8. 'It can be cooked and served cold in sauce or stir-fried with pepper oil and minced spring onion with a weak fragrance of the buckwheat.'
  9. 'The meat was finely minced and flavored with cloves and bits of roasted pear, and when you mashed it up, it tasted like a sweet, exotic version of shepherd's pie.'
  10. 'And if you've ever tasted one of my tuna, pasta, vinegar, lemon, sweetcorn, chile, minced beef dishes, you'd be terrified at the idea.'
Walk with short quick steps in an affectedly dainty manner.
  1. '‘Rick was in a trio called The Highlights and he used to mince about on stage,’ explained Francis.'
  2. 'Which is apparently why, on a chilly autumnal afternoon, I am mincing through a dappled forest clearing with no shoes or socks on.'
  3. 'Echo soon returned mincing over the gravel, holding her footprinted parchment, saying, ‘Wow!’'
  4. 'In addition to tall and slim models mincing along the cat-walk, one occasionally sees a dozen or so women in their 50s and even 60s clothed in their best twisting their bodies on stage.'
  5. 'It's her movie without a doubt and the script is fine-tuned to showcase her comic talents (not to mention her deportment, decorum and the ability to mince around wearing kitten heels and a bikini).'
  6. 'And he minces; he takes short, feline, footsteps.'
  7. 'I knew I didn't mince or anything, but I really didn't think I swaggered.'
  8. 'Within a few blocks my feet were sliding back and forth inside my sandals, which made it difficult to walk without seeming to mince.'
  9. 'I was troubled at first by the gay stereotype played by Neil Napier (he lisps, he minces, he wears pink), but then I remembered that everyone on stage is a caricature to some degree.'
  10. 'I mean, if you were banking 40 grand or more a week, and had a copious amount of free time on your hands, there are surely a million more imaginative ways to spend your time than mincing around celeb-studded night clubs in your Gucci threads!'


Minced meat, especially beef.
  1. 'This is what the guests found: meatballs about the diameter of £2 coins made of lamb, beef and pork mince, with bowls of quite peppery tomato sauce.'
  2. 'St Aidan's High School, which introduced a pioneering project to serve fresh school dinners from its own kitchen, served organic mince for the first time to mark the event.'
  3. 'I get my steaks, and pick up a couple of lamb chops, a pork belly and some mince.'
  4. 'Try cutting back on the amount you eat per meal and have good meat more often, instead of 5 days of mince and sausages, fill up on veggies and when you eat meat, eat good stuff.'
  5. 'The potatoes are boiling, the simmering mince smells like proper home cooking.'
  6. 'A special kind of preserved beef mince, spiced and salted, is known as sassermaet and is the basis for making the patties which are called brönies.'
  7. 'I did manage to get a pack of Heritage premium pork sausages half price, at 82p, and 500g of lean beef mince for £2.69.'
  8. 'Try some veggie recipes and instead of mince use soya meat instead, you will not know the difference.'
  9. 'Add the cooked mince to the mixture together with seasoning, 1 small egg, beaten, and 25g flour, mix thoroughly.'
  10. 'Spread up the sides of the moulds and make a hollow and then fill with cooked mince, top with the crumb mixture and bake in a low oven to warm through.'

More definitions

1. to cut or chop into very small pieces.

2. to soften, moderate, or weaken (one's words), especially for the sake of decorum or courtesy.

3. to perform or utter with affected elegance.

4. to subdivide minutely, as land or a topic for study. verb (used without object), minced, mincing.

5. to walk or move with short, affectedly dainty steps.

6. Archaic. to act or speak with affected elegance. noun

7. something cut up very small; mincemeat.

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"beefs can be minced."

"products can be minced."

"porks can be minced."

"meats can be minced."

"lambs can be minced."

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(mince)Late Middle English: from Old French mincier, based on Latin minutia ‘smallness’.


mince matters
not mince words (or one's words)