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Containing or mixed with a large amount of milk.
  1. 'I don't like weak, milky tea, but I'd drink it rather than complain.'
  2. 'It's milky and flavourful, with an unmistakable blue cheese taste that fades just enough after each spoonful to keep you digging in for more.'
  3. 'There was a vague element of milky coffee to it but if the label had not so informed me I'd have failed to identify the flavour.'
  4. 'To finish this festive breakfast, here is the sweet grape hearthbread, which is just as good to serve with rich milky coffee or a cup of tea.'
  5. 'It's not milky or sweet like normal hot chocolate, it's dark and sultry.'
  6. 'Somalis offer a milky tea and burn incense to welcome visitors.'
  7. 'After the collapse, I hastily bowed out and retired for a mug of hot, milky, sugary coffee.'
  8. 'Less well known is ocrochka, a cold soup made of potatoes, egg, ham, green onion, dill and cucumber in a milky base.'
  9. 'Nothing in the world tasted as good for breakfast as stolen rolls with some butter and jam and a mug of milky coffee.'
  10. 'His eyes are large, dark and warm, and he has a complexion the color of milky coffee.'
  11. 'the milky little Jersey seems to be successful in the tropics'
Resembling milk in colour.
  1. 'The girl was a spunky red head and had a milky complexion dotted with freckles.'
  2. 'The muscles beneath the milky skin jerked in a shudder.'
  3. 'His skin was milky, and his eyes a distant bluish green.'
  4. 'The dress showed the glow of her soft milky skin.'
  5. 'The water used by nearly 100 families living along the eastern wall of the factory rapidly turned brackish and milky white in colour.'
  6. 'His beautiful milky skin and white hair were stained forever by his own blood.'
  7. 'The soft, milky, aquamarine colour comes from the blue-green algae that thrives in the lagoon and white Silica mud, which carpets the bottom with a light natural sediment.'
  8. 'Travellers, short on water rations, have died drinking the milky sap of its poisonous foliage.'
  9. 'It was a milky colour and looked ethereal in sunlight.'
  10. 'The girl admired her mother's long white hair, and soft, milky skin.'
  11. 'the old man's milky, uncomprehending eyes'
  12. 'The urine itself may look milky or cloudy, even reddish if blood is present.'
  13. 'The one-way conversation lasted about 30 seconds as Moore, his face pale, eyes slightly milky and head tilting to one side, listened intently.'
Weak and compliant.


    1. of or like milk, especially in appearance or consistency.

    2. white or whitish in color.

    3. giving a good supply of milk.

    4. meek, tame, timid, or spiritless.

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    "drinks can be milky."

    "teas can be milky."

    "bars can be milky."

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