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Relating to a mother, especially during pregnancy or shortly after childbirth.
  1. 'There was no evidence to show an effect of maternal or paternal age on the frequency of nondisjunction.'
  2. 'When test results are negative, it may help reduce maternal anxiety earlier.'
  3. 'The Health center receives an average of 15 women per day for maternal care.'
  4. 'Untreated maternal depression, on the other hand, may have an adverse effect on development.'
  5. 'And then I think our maternal care is very good compared with other countries.'
  6. 'Such modelling takes account of the maternal age distribution of the relevant population.'
  7. 'Adjustment for maternal age did not alter the results.'
  8. 'There are both affective and cognitive components to maternal satisfaction.'
  9. 'Nowhere is this truer than in evaluating the impact of maternal exposures in pregnancy that may affect health of the fetus in later life.'
  10. 'The importance of family planning in reducing maternal mortality is uncontroversial.'
  11. 'a mother who radiated maternal concern'
  12. 'She says she felt a strong jolt of maternal love when she looked at the first picture of her ultrasound scan.'
  13. 'And he knows that my dog and cat are not a substitute for maternal love.'
  14. 'What distinguishes his recent work is an almost maternal sympathy for the perverseness of the human animal - and the twists in its fate.'
  15. 'For my friend, maternal affection is the only true expression of love.'
  16. 'As was once said, maternal love is the greatest love in the world.'
  17. 'If chicks are seen along with a hen, it portrays maternal love and procreation.'
  18. 'Different combinations of bows and sashes were arranged for inspection and I saw a glow of squishy maternal pride develop in my mother's eyes.'
  19. 'The builder's costs had been funded by his mother under loans motivated by maternal affection and made in the belief that her son's claim was bona fide.'
  20. 'She just couldn't seem to invoke any maternal feelings inside of herself.'
  21. 'The portrait shows Lady Caroline's tender, maternal side, clasping her son, who died young.'
  22. 'My parents had divorced but my maternal family was very religious.'
  23. 'To what extent would that be offset by extension of the child's relationships with the maternal family and homeland?'
  24. 'I just am concerned with letting her bond with her maternal side of the family.'
  25. 'He has reason to be concerned as his mother and grandfather on his maternal side died of a sudden heart attack in their late fifties.'
  26. 'I was told of a Native American on my maternal grandmother's side.'
  27. 'He has been in the care of the Society and extended family members on his maternal side for different lengths of time.'
  28. 'My maternal grandfather used to play piano at cinemas during silent films.'
  29. 'I have gone to the trouble to make peace with my father and the rest of our family including my maternal grandfather before he died.'
  30. 'My husband's maternal family can be traced back to the early archives at Fulneck, founded 1754.'
  31. 'I'm still not exactly sure how he's related to me, but I think he was my maternal grandfather's brother.'


1. of, pertaining to, having the qualities of, or befitting a mother: maternal instincts.

2. related through a mother: his maternal aunt.

3. derived from a mother: maternal genes.

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Late 15th century: from French maternel, from Latin maternus, from mater ‘mother’.