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Causing great wonder; extraordinary.
  1. 'Spring is a wondrous time full of marvelous sights, sounds and smells.'
  2. 'Regardless, it's a marvelous book with amazing ideas and beautiful photographs.'
  3. 'We went up in one of those and it was tremendous, a marvellous little airship.'
  4. 'The marvelous wonder that is your mind never ceases to amaze me.'
  5. 'There were bright flowers, and marvelous forests, and the scents were wonderful.'
  6. 'At the time of their opening, the towers were praised as technologically marvelous but aesthetically soulless.'
  7. 'You do though, after a while, start to wonder exactly where this marvellous country is.'
  8. 'All of the parents and mentors looked proudly on as the youngsters put on a display of marvelous talent and skills.'
  9. 'She proved to be a marvellous skip and showed what wonderful determination she possesses.'
  10. 'The journey of about two and half hours was marvelous and adventurious.'
  11. 'you have done a marvellous job'
  12. 'Many groups and organisations got involved and they all did a marvellous job.'
  13. 'This is a marvelous opportunity to save this majestic yet misunderstood bird from extinction in Namibia.'
  14. 'She has done a marvellous job for 50 years and given her life to the country.'
  15. 'To their credit they have done a marvellous job and it has more than justified its cost.'
  16. 'So the crews, I think, did a marvelous job in coordination with the flight attendants.'
  17. 'David said the volunteers had done a marvellous job and he was pleased to give them a boost when their energy levels ran low.'
  18. 'But meanwhile, with marvelous artistry, he skillfully carved a snowy ivory statue.'


1. superb; excellent; great: a marvelous show.

2. such as to cause wonder, admiration, or astonishment; surprising; extraordinary.

3. improbable or incredible: the marvelous events of Greek myth.

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"efforts can be marvelous."

"achievements can be marvelous."

"stories can be marvelous."

"stadiums can be marvelous."

"rides can be marvelous."

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Middle English: from Old French merveillus, from merveille (see marvel).