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Smelling very unpleasant.
  1. 'Anything faintly or potentially malodorous is despatched briskly.'
  2. 'Lady Warnock is handed a baby to feed, ‘a damp and malodorous object’ the like of which she never wished to see again.'
  3. 'The largest public concern is the generation and transport of malodorous compounds across the landscape.'
  4. 'More strident liberal critics accuse Taranto of using humor to sugarcoat an otherwise malodorous agenda.'
  5. 'Giuliani disposed of it through politics, and left a malodorous dilemma on Bloomberg's desk.'
  6. 'Is Mary not ‘fragrant’ after all, but positively malodorous?'
  7. 'He then tried to sell me one of his malodorous brown ewes for $50.'
  8. 'The doctor has brought sleeping medicines, malodorous, the colors of dark jewels, but they no longer have an effect.'
  9. 'The silent, malodorous site was surrounded by a corrugated tin fence topped with coils of barbed wire.'
  10. 'Some of the malodorous wounds seen at the end of life include bedsores and fungating breast cancer lesions.'


1. having an unpleasant or offensive odor; smelling bad: a malodorous swamp.

More examples(as adjective)

"slimes can be malodorous."

"methods can be malodorous."

"waftings can be malodorous."

"syrups can be malodorous."

"silences can be malodorous."

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