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Healthy and strong; full of vigour.
  1. 'lusty singing'
  2. 'When mission was accomplished, Julian led the rest of the team in a lusty rendition of ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Us’.'
  3. 'I have no excuse but a lusty eye and a belly full of Dutch courage.'
  4. 'How could the Teddy Bears fail with such lusty backing?'
  5. 'After each of the acts lusty applause followed from the crowd.'
  6. 'Five cylinders instead of the rivals' six, but this is still a lusty, lively, quiet and quality-exuding car.'
  7. 'Imagine those choruses of lusty male voices singing The Internationale on the soundtrack.'
  8. 'Before the men's singles final began, a lusty chorus of Waltzing Matilda turned Wimbledon Centre Court into an Aussie outpost.'
  9. 'Despite her ‘studious and reserved’ manner she has quite a lusty voice.'
  10. 'So, all of you, sing a happy, lusty rendition of Happy Birthday for me and then belly up to the bar!'
  11. 'I'd gone to Australia for the final act, thrown myself into the requisite lusty self-destruction, the absence of care.'


1. full of or characterized by healthy vigor.

2. hearty, as a meal.

3. spirited; enthusiastic.

4. lustful; lecherous.

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"eyes can be lusty with rebellions."

"eyes can be lusty with lives."

"people can be lusty."

"hittings can be lusty."

"yells can be lusty."

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Middle English: from lust (in the early sense ‘vigour’) + -y.