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Full of or covered with lumps.
  1. 'If my memory serves me well, they had a yellowish, lumpy inside.'
  2. 'But, as I hinted above, I'd also peek under that slightly lumpy corner of the rug.'
  3. 'She seriously doubted a lumpy mattress would make for a good night's sleep.'
  4. 'There was a small desk made of metal opposite his squeaky, lumpy bed.'
  5. 'The porridge was too sweet and too lumpy but I was so hungry I didn't care.'
  6. 'Imagine two roads: one smooth, well-paved, well-maintained, the other lumpy and full of cracks and pits.'
  7. 'She grasped at the ground under her right hand, taking a huge lump of wet, lumpy dirt up with it.'
  8. 'Even the basics are not up to scratch as the court, laid at the last minute, slopes alarmingly and is uneven in some places and positively lumpy in others.'
  9. 'Finally, I folded the sheet and set it on the bare lumpy mattress.'
  10. 'I awoke on a lumpy old couch that smelled more than faintly of alcohol.'
  11. 'there's a lumpy sea running'
  12. 'The wind had dropped but the sea was lumpy and Cuban boats aren't designed for it.'
  13. 'Some sites can have quite a current rushing across them and the seas can be lumpy.'


1. full of lumps: lumpy gravy.

2. covered with lumps, as a surface.

3. heavy or clumsy, as in movement or style; crude: a lumpy gait; a lumpy narrative.

4. (of water) rough or choppy.

More examples(as adjective)

"mattresses can be lumpy as bags."

"keeps can be lumpy because of bananas."

"essences can be lumpy because of bananas."

"downchangeses can be lumpy on throttles."

"bridges can be lumpy for tastes."

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