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Of or according to the rules of logic or formal argument.
  1. 'An argument is logically valid if and only if its conclusion is a logical consequence of its premises.'
  2. 'Lamont follows this argument through to its logical conclusion.'
  3. 'If only rule-governed real numbers are considered, then discontinuous functions cannot be ruled out on logical grounds.'
  4. 'Taken to its logical conclusion, the argument by the Petitioners would lead to absurdity.'
  5. 'However, I think it is quite normal to hold two views that, if taken to their logical conclusions, really are contradictory.'
  6. 'Mathematicians, or scientists doing mathematics, then investigate the purely logical consequences of the theory.'
  7. 'My partner read it and told me I was bottling the serious logical argument.'
  8. 'Some have even taken these arguments to their logical conclusions and have called for the end of the capital gains tax.'
  9. 'Which of the following is the most logical conclusion based on the above?'
  10. 'Diagnoses were generated according to specified and logical rules.'
  11. 'her logical mind'
  12. 'This is one of the reasons it became so logical for English to become the lingua franca of this multi-lingual nation.'
  13. 'Calmly, the therapist questioned whether it is logical to expect others to always do things your way.'
  14. 'Although this sounds logical on the surface, there is no guaranteeing this will happen.'
  15. 'The feelings are natural, and sometimes feelings don't have to be logical.'
  16. 'Most transfers are for fairly logical reasons, as seen by the number of clubs who wish their departing members well elsewhere.'
  17. 'Lots of stuff sounds logical or reasonable but fails any objective test.'
  18. 'Why did it sound so logical in my apartment but so ridiculous now?'
  19. 'That sounded somewhat logical to me, so I no longer pursued a friendship with her.'
  20. 'The only logical reason to keep the files secret is to protect the guilty.'
  21. 'I shook my head, but then thought it oddly logical.'
  22. 'I guess when you're coming with this kind of force, it's kind of logical to expect a kind of deflation quotient in the media.'
  23. 'He therefore thought it logical to use the pseudonym.'
  24. 'The subsequent breakdown seemed a quite logical consequence of history.'
  25. 'It's a good bet that there's a logical reason for your friend getting invited and not you.'
  26. 'With more children consuming cranberry drinks, it's only logical to expect more cranberry drink spills.'
  27. 'As Jon might expect, I reckon the logical progression is indeed open to argument.'
  28. 'It is actually the logical progression from their self-titled debut.'
  29. 'In the short term, that certainly doesn't mean abandoning the Ethical Trade launch - this is a logical brand extension.'
  30. 'Would that not have been more democratic, not to say far more sensible and logical?'
  31. 'It's more, as I see it, a proactive way to deal with the situation, something that's sensible and logical.'


1. according to or agreeing with the principles of logic: a logical inference.

2. reasoning in accordance with the principles of logic, as a person or the mind: logical thinking.

3. reasonable; to be expected: War was the logical consequence of such threats.

4. of or relating to logic.

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"rises can be logical at alls."

"people can be logical in things."

"people can be logical in rationales."

"people can be logical in ideas."

"people can be logical in approaches."

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Late Middle English: from medieval Latin logicalis from late Latin logica (see logic).