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A substance that flows freely but is of constant volume, having a consistency like that of water or oil.
  1. 'Pour additional reserved cooking liquid into the mold.'
  2. 'As air is beaten into the mixture, the egg whites become a frothy liquid with the consistency of an egg cream.'
  3. 'Water and mercury are liquids at room temperature so they get the vapor title.'
  4. 'Drain the pineapple and strain the poaching liquid through a fine mesh sieve.'
  5. 'He had no sooner poured the amber liquid into the glass when he heard something run into his door.'
  6. 'He poured the steaming hot liquid into her cup.'
  7. 'Sand is a good and inexpensive filter through which a solution of solids and liquids can be passed to separate out the liquid.'
  8. 'The thick brown liquid sloshed in the bottle as she turned it over in her hands.'
  9. 'The common glycols are colorless liquids with specific gravities greater than that of water.'
  10. 'Only a slight pool of a shimmering silver liquid on the floor made him stop and take notice.'
A consonant produced by allowing the airstream to flow over the sides of the tongue (typically l and r).


    Having the consistency of a liquid.
    1. 'liquid refreshments'
    2. 'The salts considerably lower the freezing point, meaning that, despite the big chill, water can remain in liquid form, which all known life forms require.'
    3. 'After they have been planted for a week, fertilise with half-strength liquid fertiliser.'
    4. 'As your bulbs finish flowing, don't cut them back, but continue to feed them with liquid fertiliser over the foliage.'
    5. 'Allow the chocolate to melt over the hot water and stir it occasionally until it has achieved a liquid consistency.'
    6. 'You could cull some duds in advance by calculating whether the planet was in the habitable zone - the proper distance from its sun for water to be liquid.'
    7. 'Try to alternate between some of the different liquid fertilisers I have mentioned.'
    8. 'Simply mix the liquid solution with water and sprinkle over your already decaying organic material.'
    9. 'The cream's liquid consistency should be absorbed by the skin 30 minutes before sun exposure so it doesn't rub off easily.'
    10. 'All pots were watered regularly until mid-July and supplied with liquid inorganic fertilizer on a monthly basis.'
    11. 'In one week, fertilise with half strength liquid fertiliser.'
    12. 'Most strippers have either a semi-paste or a thin liquid consistency, the premium agent of which is methylene chloride.'
    13. 'When the seedlings appear, fertilise with half strength liquid fertiliser and mulch.'
    14. 'I flushed hundreds of eyes with water and liquid antacid.'
    15. 'Now though, as she saw Eve's soft liquid brown eyes gazing softly down at her, she could no longer hold it in anymore.'
    16. 'My truth is warm liquid dark eyes and truly good people.'
    17. 'My attention shifted to Jason, who was currently looking straight at his cousin, his dark eyes pensive, liquid pools of thought.'
    18. 'Twirling a lock of his long white beard around a finger, the old man looked solemnly at me as his dark liquid eyes gazed at me intently.'
    19. 'liquid oxygen'
    20. 'Phillips then explained that the standard cooling technique of immersing something in a cold medium, such as liquid nitrogen, is often not adequate.'
    21. 'The pilot wears a pressure suit and uses the onboard liquid oxygen system for breathing at high altitudes.'
    22. 'Embryogenic tissues were homogenized to a very fine powder in liquid nitrogen and then sugar extraction was carried out.'
    23. 'The engines are fuelled by liquid petroleum gas, which means that there is no risk of a fire breaking out.'
    24. 'A second later, this led to the structural failure of the external tank, igniting the liquid hydrogen and oxygen it carried into a fireball.'
    25. 'This would be consistent with liquid methane falling on the surface for eons.'
    26. 'Some of the cars will use extremely cold liquid hydrogen; others will use hydrogen in a compressed, gaseous form.'
    27. 'Among those are variations on fuel cells, some of which use liquid methanol, water and a catalyst to drive a reaction which generates electricity.'
    28. 'Frozen leaves were ground to a powder in a mortar with a pestle in the presence of liquid nitrogen in a cold room.'
    29. 'Leaf samples were cut into small pieces and ground with a pinch of sand, liquid nitrogen, and a cold mortar and pestle.'
    30. 'At the other extreme are flowing, liquid garments.'
    (of a sound) clear, pure, and flowing; harmonious.
    1. 'These nests and this large songbird's melodious, liquid calls are signatures of the Neotropical lowlands.'
    2. 'Pure liquid trills of a Bulbul coming from some nearby tree bought a smile of delight to his lips.'
    3. 'From the clipped liquid sounds it spoke I'd guess it had gotten little more than half the sounds I'd spoken.'
    4. 'The liquid sound is then further energised by succussion (shaking vigorously).'
    (of assets) held in cash or easily converted into cash.
    1. 'The remainder is invested in liquid assets such as cash and money market instruments.'
    2. 'These liquid assets are sometimes referred to as ‘general collateral’.'
    3. 'The best asset plays are those that hold large chunks of cash, liquid investments and property - items that are readily re-usable or re-saleable.'
    4. 'The extent to which the assets of the monetary system consist of ultimate liquid assets is a qualitative characteristic of the money supply.'
    5. 'In other words, any mixture of liquid assets will be classified as money as long as this mixture passes the correlation test.'
    6. 'At the same time, greatly heightened demand for safe and liquid assets encouraged shifts from equity markets into deposit assets.'
    7. 'Most of the wealth has shifted into liquid assets, as uncertain investors stay out of the markets.'
    8. 'It is also crucial to recognize that most productive assets are not liquid; they are significantly immobile or irreversible.'
    9. 'He said the ratio of liquid assets to total deposits and short term liabilities was above the minimum prudential norm of 50 per cent.'
    10. 'Since stocks are a liquid asset, cashing out for an emergency or for a planned expense can be handled fairly easily.'
    11. 'Brokers such as Francis sustained a liquid market for bank notes, even during the Panic of 1837.'
    12. 'Especially to accommodate the explosion of the derivatives markets, the Fed must guarantee continuous and liquid markets.'
    13. 'The capital return is predictable, the market is highly liquid, the costs are low, the likelihood of trading statement shock avoided and returns of capital as good as guaranteed.'
    14. 'The first is to stabilise the market in periods of market dysfunction, such as when the market is very liquid.'
    15. 'Carey says he took the partnership public to create a liquid market for investors who wanted to cash out.'
    16. 'Remember the market is not liquid or transparent and there aren't necessarily ten other people who will want to buy the stone you are selling at a competitive price.'
    17. 'A liquid market and stable overnight rates is expected this week while on the other hand a further decline in treasury bill rates is inevitable.'
    18. 'Buying a property without knowing how liquid the resale market is can be dangerous.'
    19. 'People will probably not buy and sell them unless the markets for them are liquid, which means that a lot of traders must be there at the same time.'
    20. 'A liquid market with little information is one where prices are typically highly volatile.'


    1. composed of molecules that move freely among themselves but do not tend to separate like those of gases; neither gaseous nor solid.

    2. of, relating to, or consisting of liquids: a liquid diet.

    3. flowing like water.

    4. clear, transparent, or bright: liquid eyes.

    5. (of sounds, tones, etc.) smooth; agreeable; flowing freely: the liquid voice of a trained orator.

    6. in cash or readily convertible into cash without significant loss of principal: liquid assets.

    7. Pho

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    "markets can be liquid on dates."

    "markets can be liquid in/at/on todays."

    "markets can be liquid with overnights."

    "markets can be liquid with banks."

    "markets can be liquid at moments."

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    Late Middle English: from Latin liquidus, from liquere ‘be liquid’.