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(especially of a person) pleasant, friendly, and easy to like.
  1. 'Often times I have noted that it is very popular and likeable people that die young.'
  2. 'The characters are likable and believable, and the friendship between Grant and Paul comes across as authentic.'
  3. 'I would like to think I am a likable person, fun to be with but I am not other people so I don't know.'
  4. 'He was a good natured, kind and likeable gentleman who commanded much regard throughout the region'
  5. 'Being a likeable person you get on well with neighbors and friends.'
  6. 'But each one of them is intelligent, with strong, engaging, likeable personalities.'
  7. 'He was such a charming and likeable man that you wanted to do things simply because he was Sergio.'
  8. 'He was the first owner of the second pub in Kilmovee and he became a very popular publican and a very likeable gentleman which he still is.'
  9. 'Some of them engage the viewer with their characterisation, although not many people are very likable, despite the skill the actors bring to their parts.'
  10. 'Plausibly and endearingly awkward, Joe is an immensely likeable hero.'


1. readily or easily liked; pleasing: a likable young man.

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"personalities can be likable."

"people can be likable."

"ways can be likable."

"percents can be likable."

"characters can be likable."

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