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Heavily loaded or weighed down.
  1. in combination 'the moisture-laden air'
  2. 'The sausages were so overcooked they tasted like salami, while the mash was so heavily laden with mustard you could probably start your own bomb factory with it.'
  3. 'Heavily laden with booty, they had to face hunger and intense cold.'
  4. 'Her foreign policy during the 1590s has a curiously maternal side, best seen in her extensive correspondence with Henry and James, heavily laden with good wishes and advice.'
  5. 'At first they looted, burned and pillaged and then sailed off back to Denmark or Norway, heavily laden with gold and slaves.'
  6. 'Hughes' image of the psychic journey Oedipus must undertake, groping his way toward the final and horrible truth of his own actions, is heavily laden with guilt.'
  7. 'Thirteen minutes after taking off from Rufforth for a raid on Duisburg, Germany, a Halifax heavily laden with bombs crashed near Poppleton.'
  8. 'The small cove is at the bottom of a very steep cliff road that is slippery when wet, and a car, heavily laden with dive equipment, can find getting up or down a struggle.'
  9. 'The script is so heavily laden with gags it can barely fit them in, and the acting is impeccable.'
  10. 'His large brush strokes, heavily laden with paint, show with what assurance and speed the artist worked, setting dark against light tones to establish the solidity of his forms.'
  11. 'Fishing around in the store-room beside the studio, Val pulls out a paint-spattered tray laden with tubes of gooey oil paint in various shades of lemon and ochre.'


1. burdened; loaded down. verb (used with object)

2. to lade.

More examples(as adjective)

"rows can be laden with piles."

"vessels can be laden with tonnes."

"utterances can be laden with references."

"tables can be laden with fruits."

"markets can be laden with piles."

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Late 16th century: past participle of lade.