Adjective "Julienne" definition and examples

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A portion of food cut into short, thin strips.
  1. 'My companion wanted pork and took the waiter's advice on the spicy pork julienne.'
  2. 'Put whole potatoes into this exclusive automatic conveyor, and make hundreds of julienne fries in seconds.'
  3. 'Today's dish is a baked trout with a mussel based sauce and a julienne of vegetables.'


Cut (food) into short, thin strips.
  1. 'Or peel and julienne it, then steam and serve it as a cooked vegetable, perhaps with a few slices of carrot added in for color.'
  2. 'I pondered whether to fritter away £1.65 on one those gizmos that juliennes carrots.'

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1. (of food, especially vegetables) cut into thin strips or small, matchlike pieces.


2. a clear soup garnished, before serving, with julienne vegetables.

verb (used with object), julienned, julienning.

3. to cut (something, especially a vegetable) into thin strips or small, matchlike pieces: I spent a half hour julienning the carrots.


(julienne)Early 18th century (originally as an adjective designating soup made of chopped vegetables, especially carrots): French, from the male given names Jules or Julien, of obscure development.