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Offering the promise of an attractive or enjoyable experience.
  1. 'Moreover, their book makes an attractive coffee table volume with its inviting format and illustrations.'
  2. 'Especially inviting is the entrance alcove, with wooden park benches bathed in sunlight from the street-facing windows.'
  3. 'These dishes are perfect party food, since they go a long way and are easily served up to family and friends without an ounce of pomp or pretension, on large inviting platters.'
  4. 'Played under perfect conditions on an inviting surface, it would be nice to say the game provided a classic, but that was far from the case.'
  5. 'The defender's control let him down, the inviting chance lost, yet such spontaneous invention fully merited the resultant applause.'
  6. 'Look at those soft, innocent, inviting eyes, those pouty pillowy lips.'
  7. 'Rogers adopts a strictly chronological approach, which makes his book an engaging, inviting read.'
  8. 'It's talking about the disease, I hope, in a very open and inviting way.'
  9. 'And quite suddenly, we reached Chinchon with its inviting Sakura flowering trees in white to light violet blooms.'
  10. 'But I'm not about inviting close to one hundred strangers into my home, no way.'


1. attractive, alluring, or tempting: an inviting offer.

More examples(as adjective)

"deaths can be inviting for people."

"bids can be inviting."

"investments can be inviting."

"tenders can be inviting."

"prospects can be inviting."

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