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Not occurring often; rare.
  1. 'But research has shown that infrequent visitors to pubs would be more likely to drop in for a pint if a pub was non-smoking.'
  2. 'The sky is now a uniform shade of grey and it's raining fairly steadily with just a smattering of a wind at infrequent points.'
  3. 'But he stressed that problems remained infrequent and concentrated in a few particular areas.'
  4. 'She had not spoken to her parents in years and contact with her sisters was sporadic and infrequent.'
  5. 'Youthful faces at the Masses are becoming more infrequent all the while.'
  6. 'My entries have been a bit infrequent of late due to work-related and non-work related stuff.'
  7. 'In the Hebrew Bible, there are infrequent but significant references to God as a creative Mother.'
  8. 'Low density foam sheets are suitable for light or infrequent traffic.'
  9. 'It's a breathtakingly infrequent occasion when I top a leaderboard of any kind.'
  10. 'But he wasn't able to do this as his appearances became more and more infrequent in late 2000.'


1. happening or occurring at long intervals or rarely: infrequent visits.

2. not constant, habitual, or regular: an infrequent visitor.

3. not plentiful or many: infrequent opportunities for advancement.

4. far apart in space.

More examples(as adjective)

"weathers can be infrequent in places."

"varieties can be infrequent in parts."

"tenders can be infrequent since sales."

"instances can be infrequent in cantatases."

"entreaties can be infrequent in countries."

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Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘little used, seldom done, uncommon’): from Latin infrequent- from in- ‘not’ + frequent- ‘frequent’.