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Not important or significant.
  1. 'Although far from dreadful, it's just rather silly, shallow, unconvincing and inconsequential.'
  2. 'The specific matters about which complaint is made were minor and inconsequential.'
  3. 'Some of the matters to which I have referred on their own might seem inconsequential or of minor importance only.'
  4. 'These days, I have many small and inconsequential moments that I end up holding on to as being very precious.'
  5. 'Taken out of context, the bits and pieces that I have quoted seem slight and inconsequential.'
  6. 'We pay more and more for less and less and are dismissed as inconsequential and treated like children by bullies who want everything their own way.'
  7. 'He has total confidence in his alpha maleness and finds her posturing inconsequential at best.'
  8. 'My portion of the story was relatively small and inconsequential as compared with what had been given away.'
  9. 'This is no inconsequential matter: nice underwear can put you out of house and home at regular prices.'
  10. 'But what if some of these seemingly minor, inconsequential events had never occurred?'


1. of little or no importance; insignificant; trivial.

2. inconsequent; illogical.

3. irrelevant.

More examples(as adjective)

"lives can be inconsequential as words."

"lives can be inconsequential as laughs."

"people can be inconsequential."

"affairs can be inconsequential."

"facts can be inconsequential."

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