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Not engaging in or involving any or much physical activity.
  1. 'Finally, he says, people's inactive lifestyles have also contributed to the problem.'
  2. 'You should remain physically inactive for at least 1.5 hours after every time you have consumed some fresh raw fish or egg yolk.'
  3. 'This whole change of lifestyle is leading to a very inactive population.'
  4. 'This may have confined him to a wheelchair for all of his 31 years, but it hasn't restricted him to an inactive lifestyle.'
  5. 'Here we are in an inactive country, and we don't play physical games as a matter of course, and so our exposure to physical hurt is minimal, and very shocking therefore when it comes.'
  6. 'The more active group was found to have a 23 percent lower chance of catching a cold than the physically inactive group, with risk reduction most pronounced in the autumn.'
  7. 'Given our current inactive lifestyle, it's necessary to give your health a serious thought.'
  8. 'In fact, if their work-outs encourage other young people to take more exercise at a time when there is concern about too many members of that generation being physically inactive, it could well do some good.'
  9. 'The Edinburgh teenager is one of a growing number of children whose inactive lifestyles are leading to spinal injuries.'
  10. 'Helping women make the shift from an inactive to an active lifestyle can have important health benefits.'
  11. 'the device remains inactive while the computer is started up'
  12. 'The banks believe that accounts should not be treated as dormant until they have been inactive for more than ten years.'
  13. 'When you turn the computer over to a different user, your session becomes inactive and inaccessible, but your program and files remain open.'
  14. 'There are blocking devices which you put near the back which render every phone inactive.'
  15. 'an inactive Russian spy'
  16. 'Because I'm a party member (albeit a mostly inactive one), I recently got sent a letter asking me to vote on a short-list of potential candidates.'
  17. 'the inactive X chromosome'
  18. 'When bound to SHBG, the hormone is considered biologically inactive.'
  19. 'At Merck, scientists are collecting data about patterns of genes that become active or inactive when drugs cause serious effects.'
  20. 'It is a prodrug in which 5-aminosalicylic acid is linked via a diazo bond to 4-aminobenzoyl- alanine, an inert and biologically inactive carrier molecule.'
  21. 'The double-blind placebo trials use inactive agents to control for placebo effects.'
  22. 'Both, N - 7-and N - 9-glucosides are considered extremely stable and biologically inactive in normal plants.'
  23. 'In these applications the formation of dimeric species can effectively render the compound inactive.'
  24. 'Gene insertions could also link chemical pathways to previously inactive toxins or transfer allergenic proteins.'
  25. 'The sit mutant of tomato accumulates the biologically inactive compound trans ABA alcohol instead of ABA in response to water stress.'
  26. 'This protective effect also keeps vitamin A from oxidizing to an inactive form, and when vitamin E is lacking, vitamin A deficiency also frequently occurs.'
  27. 'Ether has very few chemical properties as it is relatively inactive.'
  28. 'In patients with inactive disease, levels fell to those of controls.'
  29. 'Three patients with inactive disease had decreased butyrate oxidation and interestingly, all three relapsed within a few weeks.'
  30. 'My practice included tuberculous patients and this might have represented inactive disease.'
  31. 'A small study compared five patients with active CD to five patients with inactive disease and found serum zinc levels significantly lower in those with active disease.'
  32. 'It is likely that the cirrhosis must become inactive with little or no addition of new extinction lesions, so that at the time of examination all the lesions are delicate and highly regressed.'
  33. 'Patients in inactive carrier stage do not need treatment, since their liver disease progresses very slowly, if at all.'
  34. 'If there is no clinical or radiographic response by 2 months, treatment can be stopped and other diagnoses including inactive tuberculosis considered.'
  35. 'In contrast, histologically visible fibrosis is absent in the majority of sinusoids in our livers with inactive alcoholic cirrhosis.'
  36. 'We designed a pilot trial to investigate the tolerability and amount of fat excretion alter the oral administration of a chitosan and ascorbic mixture for inactive Crohn's disease.'
  37. 'HPV may be inactive or silent in most people, causing no symptoms, but it can still be transmitted sexually to others and eventually cause great harm.'

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1. not active: an inactive volcano.

2. sedentary or passive: an inactive life.

3. sluggish; indolent.

4. Military. not on active duty.

5. Chemistry. inert; unreactive. noting a compound that has no effect on polarized light.

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"dates can be inactive in areas."

"dates can be inactive in/at/on dates."

"markets can be inactive on dates."

"markets can be inactive as banks."

"markets can be inactive in/at/on dates."

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