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Lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning.
  1. 'In these circumstances it is insane and illogical that we persist with youth football in darkest winter.'
  2. 'He is also perturbed by the fact that no meaningful debate is being made on this illogical act of film censorship.'
  3. 'It is ironic that the country which gave the world logic should produce this most illogical of sports results.'
  4. 'But this does not mean that the distinction between acts and omissions is meaningless or illogical.'
  5. 'Why are we so inconsistent, so irrational, so illogical and so selfishly shortsighted?'
  6. 'There is nothing illogical about fear, if the person suffering that fear has reason to be frightened.'
  7. 'It is illogical and foolish to put an expensive new roof on a deteriorated substrate.'
  8. 'The day feels all wrong somehow without email, and the outage feels illogical when we have web access.'
  9. 'You don't give me advice about my rubbish and ultimately illogical sense of humour, so I should just leave you alone.'
  10. 'Irrational and illogical as that reaction may be, it's one I can't help but feel.'


1. not logical; contrary to or disregardful of the rules of logic; unreasoning: an illogical reply.

More examples(as adjective)

"systems can be illogical for places."

"results can be illogical out of tunes."

"doctrines can be illogical for reasons."

"bounces can be illogical in sectors."

"fears can be illogical."

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