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(of food) containing or coated with honey.
  1. 'honeyed duck breast'
  2. 'I often choose yoghurt over cream as an antidote to sweet, honeyed desserts, too - though by yoghurt I mean real, natural yoghurt with live bacteria, not the little pots of ersatz flavoured stuff.'
  3. 'On the side were small bowls of honeyed nuts and figs, with fruit and a small platter of sliced bread.'
  4. 'I couldn't face any of the usual options for breakfast and instead made do with honeyed bread soaked in milk, but even that was touch-and-go.'
  5. 'The honeyed fila pastries and buttery nut cookies compose a separate late afternoon meal accompanied by thick Greek coffee.'
  6. 'They spoke of a rich, honeyed confection, folded in crispy layers and served under a silver dome.'
  7. 'There was a giant, fluffy, angel food cake decorated with real rose petals; there was a roast honeyed duck, which Anna obstinately refused to touch, but which Lara and her aunts enjoyed immensely.'
  8. 'There was honeyed rolls, golden bread, and all types of buns filled with all you could imagine.'
  9. 'This sumptuous wine has a strong amber green colour and a honeyed nose.'
  10. 'Traditionally unoaked Hunter Valley Sémillon is fairly charmless young, but with age becomes toasty, lemony and honeyed.'
  11. 'This late-harvest Sauvignon Blanc - blended with 5% Riesling - is an intriguing choice for a dessert wine, and provides exotic honeyed peach and mango.'
  12. 'The wines from these berries have a rich, complex, honeyed character and are often high in residual sugar.'
  13. 'A noteworthy characteristic lies in the balance of ripe fruit or honeyed sweetness against fruit-driven acidity and an ability to hold on to a zing of piercing acidity even at high ripeness levels.'
  14. 'Zingy freshness and honeyed sweetness gives it a touch of class.'
  15. 'The touch of ice wine lends the drink the slightest honeyed, apricot sort of nose, but doesn't interfere with the brisk essence of the classic martini, which is, above all, dry.'
  16. 'I move my head imperceptibly, because of his moustache which brushes against my nostrils with a scent of vanilla and honeyed tobacco.'
  17. 'Golden amber in colour, the wine takes time to open, but then displays a warm, honeyed aroma with a short, spicy finish.'
  18. 'My ginger-mint lamb chops had a melting, honeyed quality that you could taste in the back of your nose.'
  19. 'You think, why doesn't my long, honeyed hair curl elegantly, never frizz and, on command, wisp like that of a character in a fairy tale?'
  20. 'It's actually an island, a fourteen-mile sliver of sandy beaches whose name means ‘golden snake’ in the native Mayan language, and back then, a mere 120 people enjoyed its honeyed shores.'
  21. 'The cliffs drop away below in a tumble of honeyed sandstone rocks, and below the sun glints off the Pacific Ocean.'
  22. 'It is an enchanting and quite small cathedral made of honeyed Cotswold stone.'
(of a person's words or tone of voice) soothing, soft, and intended to please.
  1. 'It's time for justice. It's time for action and for change, not more honeyed words which lead nowhere.'
  2. 'I am drunk on laughter and the honeyed sound of a trumpet in a smoky pub.'
  3. 'The conversation in the room hushed as his voice filled the hall with honeyed tones.'
  4. 'So they abandoned honeyed words and determined to use force.'
  5. '‘As would I.’ Maria's sweet honeyed voice seemed to make Aidan melt in the chair next to me.'
  6. 'So let's dispense with the honeyed words and just step outside and take care of business.'
  7. 'His deep, stern voice cut through the honeyed tones of self-congratulation.'
  8. 'Jacques sighed, his anger melting away as her voice came across the line in honeyed tones, seductive and dark as velvet.'
  9. 'The voiceovers on the TV ads even make the side effects sound almost desirable, as they warn of ‘possible dizziness, fainting, insomnia, dry mouth, and irritability’ in honeyed tones.'
  10. 'A few more sentences and I recognised those honeyed accents (from the AM radio in our car at the time).'


1. containing, consisting of, or resembling honey: honeyed drinks.

2. flattering or ingratiating: honeyed words.

3. pleasantly soft; dulcet or mellifluous: honeyed tones.

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"words can be honeyed."

"tones can be honeyed."

"fruits can be honeyed."

"walls can be honeyed."

"voices can be honeyed."

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