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(especially of food) such as would be made or provided at home; simple and unpretentious.
  1. 'The resort includes a string of cabins, a bed-and-breakfast, and a restaurant, where Clark still holds court with her homestyle cooking.'
  2. 'Italian food lovers can enjoy homestyle Italian cuisine, such as ravioli, deep-fried prawns, ox-tails with red wine sauce just to name a few.'
  3. 'Each breakfast comes with a small container of a homestyle jam that is deliciously addictive.'
  4. 'While Stanley's Burgers and Marbles Restaurant have dramatically different facades, inside they share the secrets to a great burger: pure beef, freshly cooked, served on homestyle buns.'
  5. 'To accompany the wonderful soups, the restaurant also prepares some homestyle Korean dishes, plus some Shanghai and Hangzhou cuisine.'
  6. 'Kasumi Sushi Bar at the Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel stands out among other hotel Japanese restaurants for its simpler set meals served in a compact, cozy homestyle ambiance.'
  7. 'I'm used to good old-fashioned homestyle Spanish cooking.'
  8. 'He does profound, unpretentious Italian homestyle cooking.'
  9. 'If you want to keep it simple, the standard two eggs and bacon, with homestyle potatoes, fruit, stewed apples, bread and coffee costs around five bucks.'
  10. 'The showers are an experience and it's best not to expect any homestyle comforts!'


1. simple and unpretentious, evoking the comforts of home: