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Of heaven; divine.
  1. 'Phillip Frank is now a prince in God's heavenly kingdom.'
  2. 'In such instances, the chant becomes wordless and the music begins to echo a kind of heavenly or angelic music.'
  3. 'God's love of humanity makes the heavenly Father into a heavenly Mother.'
  4. 'He knelt at the Pope's feet, took his hand, and said, ‘God bless you, heavenly father!’'
  5. 'Our own churches are intended to be holy places - sanctuaries for the heavenly chorus, a place where God meets humans.'
  6. 'The act of being robed in white by the heavenly benefactor speaks of the divine patron bestowing honor upon them in their hour of shame.'
  7. 'The new covenant is linked with the new heavenly Jerusalem.'
  8. 'But it is every blessing that is spiritual in heavenly places.'
  9. 'Next, John is shown the heavenly court where God shares his divine throne with Jesus, who appears in the form of a slain but risen Lamb.'
  10. 'Immortality means belonging to the family of God, the heavenly court.'
Of the heavens or sky.
  1. 'With allusions to the heavenly clutter of planets and stars, the artist gives his canvases a feeling of boundlessness.'
Very pleasing; wonderful.
  1. 'it was a heavenly morning for a ride'
  2. 'To be clement is to be lenient and compassionate, or, in the case of weather, perfectly heavenly.'
  3. 'Shopping is a mundane necessity for most of us, but for some, it is a heavenly delight that just can't be beaten by any other vice.'
  4. 'Paradise is easier for Sally to work with because Ruskin had already recognised it in a lush green flat space with heavenly views over Coniston and hills.'
  5. '‘Hmmm,’ said Sophie when we entered the heavenly portals of the pleasuredome.'
  6. 'A new brand has appeared, and this morning I had a scallop dish that was truly heavenly.'
  7. 'Jason Pierce oversaw the compilation of tracks here, and it serves as a timely reminder of the heavenly wonder of one of Britain's foremost musical talents.'
  8. 'A fireside chat in the wee hours of the morning attains a heavenly composure, the dramatic ethereal lighting making this their crucial scene.'
  9. 'Indeed, it was a heavenly delight to hear his sublimely pure ethical doctrine delivered with such powerful philosophic eloquence from the lips of its very creator.'


1. of or in the heavens: the heavenly bodies.

2. of, belonging to, or coming from the heaven of God, the angels, etc.

3. resembling or befitting heaven; blissful; beautiful: His home in Tahiti was a heavenly spot.

4. divine or celestial: heavenly peace.

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"fathers can be heavenly."

"bodies can be heavenly."

"places can be heavenly."

"hosts can be heavenly."

"cities can be heavenly."

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Old English heofonlic (see heaven, -ly).