Adjective "Hearty" Definition and Examples




    1. warm-hearted; affectionate; cordial; jovial: a hearty welcome.

    2. genuine; sincere; heartfelt: hearty approval; hearty dislike.

    3. completely devoted; wholehearted: hearty support.

    4. exuberant; unrestrained: hearty laughter.

    5. violent; forceful: a hearty push; a hearty kick.

    6. physically vigorous; strong and well: hale and hearty.

    7. substantial; abundant; nourishing: a hearty meal.

    8. enjoying or requiring abundant food: a heart


    "movements can be hearty for comforts."

    "breakfasts can be hearty."

    "meals can be hearty."

    "appetites can be hearty."

    "voices can be hearty."

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