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(of alcoholic drink) potent; intoxicating.
  1. 'As I approached, the heady scent of alcohol reached me, and I knew she had passed out.'
  2. 'The Bloody Pom, a heady mix of gin, damson liqueur and pomegranate, is particularly good.'
  3. 'You can certainly drink it on its own, but bear in mind that it's a heady 14% alcohol.'
  4. 'Rich and heady wine was brought to all of the dinner guests, the finest in the manor's stores.'
  5. 'It was this heady and potent brew that fired Imoudu into action.'
  6. 'The answer is yes, because we're told that many youngsters now prefer colas, if not beer or more heady stuff.'
  7. 'Drank too much wine, too much whiskey, too much heady Norwegian cognac.'
  8. 'a heady, exotic perfume'
  9. 'I'm going back to my desk to continue inhaling the intoxicating, heady scent of my new PC.'
  10. 'These were heady, intoxicating days, when Edinburgh in August was the place to be.'
  11. 'The sparkle going on between us was light and fun and heady and I knew I was safe to be cheeky, personal, as if we had known each other for weeks.'
  12. 'Such is the heady spirit of passion and opportunity embodied by Kama Sutra.'
  13. 'The atmosphere at home was a heady mix of bookish culture, genteel poverty and violence.'
  14. 'We don't realize the heady pleasures of such paradoxes if we obsess about boundaries.'
  15. 'In attendance were Bollywood representatives giving the city a heady mix of chic and style.'
  16. 'The temptation to let the heady ecstasy of power get the better of you is self-evident.'
  17. 'A heady mix of coconut, pineapple, vanilla and banana, and it's yours for only a quid.'
  18. 'I yearn for those heady, simple, days in Manchester when your mates would knock-on and ask if you could come out to play.'


1. intoxicating: a heady wine.

2. affecting the mind or senses greatly: heady perfume.

3. exciting; exhilarating: the heady news of victory.

4. rashly impetuous: heady conduct.

5. violent; destructive: heady winds.

6. clever; shrewd: a heady scheme to win the election.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be heady in/at/on years."

"people can be heady with hints."

"bars can be heady with attars."

"days can be heady."

"gains can be heady."

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