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Irritable and bad-tempered; grumpy; complaining.
  1. 'If I sometimes seem grouchy or disoriented, remember that like Walt Whitman I contain multitudes.'
  2. 'Their discovery made them grouchy; they tried to clear us away.'
  3. 'Maria in the morning was an entirely different entity from Maria the rest of the day, and twice as grouchy and irritable.'
  4. 'I wrote the above a few days ago, and now I'm not grouchy at all.'
  5. 'I know I sound really grouchy and maybe I am but when I heard everybody complaining I got annoyed.'
  6. 'If your answer is no and you wake up feeling grumpy and grouchy instead, then you may want to reconsider napping.'
  7. 'But instead, there were snubs and grouchy charges of poisoning relationships.'
  8. 'She managed to look grumpy and grouchy for a whole 10 seconds, then her smile appeared again and she stared up at the ceiling.'
  9. 'So we bought our minivan, and we've both been grouchy about it.'
  10. 'He was grouchy at me for being late, but then warmed up.'


1. sullenly discontented; sulky; morose; ill-tempered.

More examples(as adjective)

"greeters can be grouchy at things."

"people/places/organizations can be grouchy."

"loners can be grouchy."

"greeters can be grouchy."

"go-modes can be grouchy."

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