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Containing or covered with grit.
  1. 'a stone floor that was gritty and unswept'
  2. 'The rocky, gritty soil offers perfect drainage, but digging is nearly impossible.'
  3. 'His forehead is pressed against the rough, gritty plaster of the wall, sharp against his nose.'
  4. 'A grainy or gritty texture isn't considered a plus in the chocolate world.'
  5. 'He felt like hell when he came back to consciousness, bruised and covered in gritty sand.'
  6. 'Fill with stones until three-quarters full then top up with gravel and a layer of very gritty compost on top, about 3in deep.'
  7. 'He ran a hand through his hair which felt rough and gritty.'
  8. 'Blood is running freely from his nose and an open wound on his head, and he's covered in gritty, grey dust.'
  9. 'Feeling incredibly dirty and gritty, from all the dirt that she was covered under from her ride, Ari ran a bath for herself and scrubbed herself clean.'
  10. 'The meatloaf was hard, and the mashed potatoes were gritty.'
  11. 'The rough stones jutting out from the gritty mud walls appeal to my visual and tactile senses.'
Showing courage and resolve.
  1. 'Of modern Australian batsmen that I have seen, the best was Chappell, who had great power and elegance, plus gritty determination when he needed it.'
  2. 'John produced a gritty performance just to finish, when others were falling about him.'
  3. 'He's been a wonderful Captain, a wonderful batsmen, a gritty, determined competitor.'
  4. 'Some people I spoke to gardened under very difficult circumstances, but gritty determination was winning the way towards a beautiful back yard.'
  5. 'Although seldom looking a danger they showed gritty determination to keep their line intact.'
  6. 'Her courage, gritty determination and undoubted commitment to charity work is held in high regard throughout the world.'
  7. 'England's qualification will rely on some gritty away performances and I feel they may be few and far between.'
  8. 'They will certainly be competitive because they have some pretty gritty characters in there.'
  9. 'To claim that the All-Ireland champions performed badly on the day would do an injustice to the visitors' gritty performance.'
  10. 'If and when it comes to pass, then Carlow could become a very serious contender, given the gritty way they have played against several teams with full-timers on board.'
  11. 'a gritty look at urban life'
  12. 'This initial sequence of violence and sex is, utterly disturbing, gritty realism, set against a wider social violence.'
  13. 'Gritty political realities aside, what future do people envision for Yugoslavia?'
  14. 'However, inmates still request the gritty urban tales.'
  15. 'These images have none of the airbrushed niceties of much modern photography, and you pay for the gritty realism.'
  16. 'This form of gritty realist cinema relies upon constant improvisation.'
  17. 'It took the genre back to its gritty and violently uncompromising origin.'
  18. 'Australian landscape painting is perhaps better known for scenes of the vast uninhabited bush, or else gritty urban scenes.'
  19. 'His love of gritty realism and distaste for overblown production values go back to Blackburn, where Winterbottom was born in 1961.'
  20. 'The cinematography has a gritty, tough beauty to it.'
  21. 'With this film, Loach digresses from his usual gritty themes of social realism to pose questions of culture, race and religion.'


1. consisting of, containing, or resembling grit; sandy.

2. resolute and courageous; plucky.

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"voices can be gritty with emotions."

"carpets can be gritty to soles."

"realisms can be gritty."

"fighters can be gritty."

"dramas can be gritty."

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