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A heavy, flat iron plate that is heated and used for cooking food.
  1. 'Heat an iron skillet or griddle over a high heat until very hot.'
  2. 'To cook, place the skewers on a barbeque hot plate, griddle or in the oven (pre-heated to 200 degrees C, for 15 to 20 minutes).'
  3. 'There are pizza ovens, griddles, infrared rotisseries, built-in woks, deep-fryers - you can customize your outdoor kitchen to suit the food you cook and the way you want to entertain.'
A miner's wire-bottomed sieve.


    Cook on a griddle.
    1. 'Wash and trim the scallops and then griddle them until juicy but do not overcook.'
    2. 'The chicken is delicately spiced and served with a griddled vegetable couscous.'
    3. 'I made griddled salmon with steamed broccoli and courgettes, and we talked, and laughed, and my Dad opened a lovely bottle of Chardonnay.'
    Screen (ore) with a griddle.

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      1. a frying pan with a handle and a slightly raised edge, for cooking pancakes, bacon, etc., over direct heat.

      2. any flat, heated surface, especially on the top of a stove, for cooking food: a quick breakfast from the luncheonette's griddle.

      3. Upstate New York Older Use. a circular lid covering an opening on the cooking surface of a wood or coal-burning stove.

      verb (used with object), griddled, griddling.

      4. to cook on a griddle: Griddle two eggs for me, will you?


      (griddle)Middle English (denoting a gridiron): from Old French gredil, from Latin craticula, diminutive of cratis ‘hurdle’; related to crate, grate, and grill.