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Of the colour between blue and yellow in the spectrum; coloured like grass or emeralds.
  1. 'the leaves are bright green'
  2. 'The strongest stems are several feet long and have been carrying fat, pale green buds for some time.'
  3. 'The fresh green leaves in spring will turn a glorious golden yellow in autumn and are light and easy to sweep up when they finally fall.'
  4. 'He wore a plain green uniform and beret with stripes indicating that he was an officer of the Army.'
  5. 'A quick phone call and in less than ten minutes a green shuttle bus is at your door.'
  6. 'The red, white, and green flag also is a powerful national symbol.'
  7. 'He discreetly indicated the woman in the green overcoat who was reading a magazine on her lap.'
  8. 'She was Irish and had lovely long black hair, pale skin, and green cat-like eyes.'
  9. 'By the church, on slopes covered by soft green grass and a smattering of daises there is an old well-tended graveyard.'
  10. 'Green algae grow suspended in the water, turning it murky green and making it difficult to see the fish.'
  11. 'The walls were painted green and the soft carpet was black.'
  12. 'Finish with a green, leafy salad and a glass of Rioja.'
  13. 'More fennel appeared in the green side salad we ordered which got a thumbs up once again.'
  14. 'If you feel you must give your rabbit green food give a small amount of greens, carrot, apple or bread.'
  15. 'Copious plates of pasta, fresh green salad and ripe peaches would follow.'
  16. 'You certainly need a car that you can race well, and I am confident that when the green flag drops, we are going to have that.'
  17. 'The big final was a typically full-blooded affair, with a complete restart being called as the cars piled into each other before the green flag fell.'
  18. 'Until 1970 drivers would line up on the track and run to their cars on the dropping of the green flag.'
  19. 'I swiped the card key through the lock and little green light appeared.'
  20. 'As the lights changed to green, my dad gave one last friendly toot before we pulled away.'
  21. 'Once the test is started, the green indicator light comes on and the participant can commence the trial.'
  22. 'But when the green flag drops, they also compete against each other as hard as anybody else.'
  23. 'He kept his eyes on the road. Not too many cars at this time. The lights were all green, and he was grateful. At least he didn't have to stop.'
  24. 'The green flag fell and the pack sprinted into the first lap with the bumpers going in at every opportunity.'
  25. 'Upon the green flag Majoram pulled away with the rest of the pack snarling at his back bumper.'
  26. 'The runs were graded like ski runs from green, the easiest, to black, the most difficult.'
  27. 'The figure on the left shows a red quark and a green quark interacting by exchanging a gluon that carries the appropriate colours.'
Covered with grass or other vegetation.
  1. 'This used to be a pleasant, clean and green environment - but not any more.'
  2. 'Lush, fresh and green, the shady forest was a welcome escape from the heat of the rising morning sun.'
  3. 'With its green fields and fresh air, Ribchester is an unlikely base for a new internet-based company headquarters.'
  4. 'It is a rich, green environment that provides a year-round equatorial climate.'
  5. 'The fresh, green, serenity of the landscape had encouraged us to breathe deeply as we drove; and to think.'
  6. 'The city sits in a broad, flat plain, as level and as green as a ripe paddy field at harvest time.'
  7. 'So there is going to be a need for some development on green fields on the edge of the town.'
  8. 'She really liked the scenery and the fresh air that the green, tranquilizing place provided.'
  9. 'With everything so green you'd think it had been raining all winter and spring.'
  10. 'I love that area - there are some beautiful villages, and the trees and fields were looking very lush and fresh and green.'
  11. 'official Green candidates'
  12. 'He believes this local student presence may help him win Green votes.'
  13. 'If that's true, Lismore is well on the way to having a Green council and a Democrat mayor.'
  14. 'Its ideas resonate strongly with many other sections of the Green movement.'
  15. 'There were ten candidates in the ward, including three Labour and one Green candidate.'
  16. 'What it came down to was the support of the local council on whose land the wind farm is based, as well as key Green groups.'
  17. 'Of course, this can best be achieved by electing Green politicians to parliament.'
  18. 'An illuminating consequence of this debate has been the light it has thrown on the priorities of the Green lobby.'
  19. 'Thanks to the environmentalists, businesses are slowly waking up to green issues.'
  20. 'Without those Green votes, the Government could not have passed that legislation.'
  21. 'But the Green councillors have been told their submission must have been lost in transit.'
  22. 'Mr Hulme has been an outspoken protester against the plan for the wind farm, which developers say will provide green power for thousands of homes.'
  23. 'As more users sign up, the incentive for energy companies to produce green power increases.'
  24. 'If the government gave a tax break to green fuels, the price would go down.'
  25. 'The barometer readings calculated in mega watts per hour indicate that the use of green electricity is increasing.'
  26. 'The architect says green products must work in conjunction with thoughtful design.'
  27. 'Conference attendees will learn how to use green infrastructure to make cities better places to live.'
  28. 'Optimists say that green buildings will be the standard in five to 10 years.'
  29. 'Electricity produced from green power stations is to be exempt from the climate change levy.'
  30. 'What Brown grew to appreciate was the economic and construction logic behind green building.'
  31. 'That might be good for a car this size, but it is hardly a green alternative to small cars.'
(of a plant or fruit) young or unripe.
  1. 'If they're too green, they were picked too soon and will never taste good.'
  2. 'Ripening of tomato fruit involves the differentiation of chloroplasts in young green fruit into chromoplasts in mature ripe red fruit.'
  3. 'Others prefer to eat them when they are still green or half ripe, when the acid taste predominates.'
  4. 'My mother, who is growing tomatoes in her garden, reports that there are some insects or animals or something that's gnawing at her tomatoes even when they're still green.'
  5. 'While people in the south of England favoured Wiltshire bacon smoked over oak or pine sawdust, people in the north liked ‘green bacon’ (unsmoked and often cured separately from the legs).'
  6. 'clubs devoted to keeping green the memory of Sherlock Holmes'
  7. 'The scenes on board INS Vikarant, shortly after the surrender ceremony, are still green in his memory.'
  8. 'I didn't like it one bit, seemed terribly like turning a knife in a very green wound.'
(of a person) inexperienced or naive.
  1. 'They were green pilots and didn't have a lick over two months of training.'
  2. 'She was very green and it took a long time for the penny to drop.'
  3. 'I'd been carrying all the rope and stuff for a few years, but was still fairly green.'
  4. 'So all the oldest teachers were fired and replaced by green ones, right out of the community college.'
  5. 'It didn't send its green reporters to war, nor did it leave its stale reporters at home.'
  6. 'Everything was an influence, because I was green, open, always ready to explore, and naive.'
(of a person or their complexion) pale and sickly-looking.
  1. 'A girl in the back bolted up, looking mildly green around the edges.'
  2. 'She glanced at Wesley, who was looking rather green at the sight of the long gash across the girl's ribs and stomach.'
  3. 'The pies keep coming, and some of the contestants are starting to look a little green around the gills.'
  4. 'Debbie turned green around the gills when she was mucking out the pigs.'
  5. 'They probably went a little green around the gills and puked a bit.'


Green colour or pigment.
  1. 'Her eyes, normally a light green by nature, glimmered turquoise in the light.'
  2. 'The huge flowers were out, with white, pink and orange petals set against the green of the foliage and the blue of the lagoon.'
  3. 'Those with this condition cannot distinguish certain shades of red and green.'
  4. 'He projected his own violent moods on to the canvas in red and green.'
  5. 'Beneath the jacket he wore a shirt and tie that matched the green of the jacket and pants perfectly.'
  6. 'This year, though, expect to see red mixed with colours other than traditional green.'
  7. 'In the sunlight, the steel surface comes alive with reflections, picking up the green of the surrounding grass.'
  8. 'Strawberries should be uniformly red with no green at the tips or at the stem.'
  9. 'There and in other fields, a yellow corn leaf appeared in sharp contrast to the deeper green of the rest of the plants.'
  10. 'The festive colors of red and green, as well as the customary exchange of gifts, likewise have Pagan origins.'
  11. 'two girls in red and green'
  12. 'His coffin was draped in the red and green of Mayo and the local club formed a guard of honour.'
  13. 'The men in green will be disappointed with their performance as their smooth first half petered out in the second.'
  14. 'FBK play in yellow and green, two colours from the national flag.'
  15. 'A group of 30 policemen dressed in green stood on a corner receiving instructions.'
  16. 'The canopy of green around the hotel and the lake provides an interesting contrast with the rugged beauty of the sand and scrub beyond.'
  17. 'eat up your greens'
  18. 'Fill up one side of the plate with leafy greens and nonstarchy vegetables.'
  19. 'Mix the potatoes and chopped greens together with plenty of salt and pepper.'
  20. 'He came to a halt at the first set of traffic lights at the red light and he passed the second one on the green.'
  21. 'A cagey opening frame went to O'Sullivan after his opponent missed a straightforward green.'
  22. 'Milner potted green to level the frame scores but left a sitting brown after attempting an ambitious pot along the baulk cushion.'
  23. 'He took green but rattled a difficult brown and Watkinson picked off brown, blue and pink to win 83-49.'
  24. 'And plenty of green will be needed to respond to an anticipated $200 million-plus Republican assault on the presumptive nominee.'
  25. 'Home life is also happier for those who have some green in their pockets.'
  26. 'Finally he got hold of some bad green, as it's called in the trade, and smoked too much of it.'
A piece of public grassy land, especially in the centre of a village.
  1. 'A large Christmas tree with large bulbous fairy lights had been placed on the village green.'
  2. 'The arts and crafts exhibition was held in the village hall, while refreshments were served in a marquee on the village green.'
  3. 'I am told the garden of my house used to be part of the village green.'
  4. 'The last three matches were decided on the final green, truly making it a splendid competition!'
  5. 'Just beyond the third green a new championship tee has been constructed on the fourth hole with the lake on the left now visible off the tee.'
  6. 'The manicured greens and fairways of golf courses are not usually considered ideal places for conservation management.'
A member or supporter of an environmentalist group or party.
  1. 'When the no confidence vote was passed, she resigned and eight Lib Dem councillors and one Green followed suit.'
  2. 'Your vote might not get the Lib Dem / Green in but it might help keep the fascist out.'
  3. 'If this was the case, we'd end up with the amusing sight of a parliament full of Lib Dems and Greens.'


Make or become green in colour.
  1. 'The rain had greened everything. The place was restful and fragrant, like the garden she had left at Rome.'
  2. 'The spray reached out to us, softened and greened the earth, and kept the jungle at bay.'
  3. 'Although pasture grasses are greening up, growth remains at a slower than normal pace.'
  4. 'Pitches in England change from day to day. Indeed this one had greened up overnight.'
  5. 'No doubt the rain has been a great blessing and previously brown lawns are greening up.'
  6. 'In the spring I watched the elm put out seeds, greening the tree with a mass of flat pods before the leaves emerged, while the oak stayed dormant.'
  7. 'Although the changes are not to everyone's taste at the present time, no doubt when some of the disturbed area has greened up it will look more natural and attractive'
  8. 'Factors like these are important to consider when deciding how much of your construction budget to direct toward greening the exterior.'
  9. 'In Europe, there are bylaws: governments tax water runoff, so people green their roofs.'
  10. 'Architect Will Alsop's idea of greening the city and making it car-free, although not new, has to be at the forefront of any masterplan.'
  11. 'It has been reclaimed and greened over and, as it is earmarked for business use in the council's planning blueprint, it would be unlikely to present major planning obstacles.'
  12. 'The Committee then looked upward to the blocks of flats and focused on balconies and rooftops. They actively encouraged tenants to green their balconies by getting window boxes, soil and plants at wholesale prices for them.'
  13. 'Readers of my last letter will probably, apart from describing the scripts in a mood of cynical contempt, realise my obsession with trees and greening the city.'
  14. 'Orchids, flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees have been combined to green the area.'
  15. 'The programme, also known as the eKhaya Neighbourhood Programme, includes greening the pavements, placing rest areas outdoors and installing CCTV cameras for surveillance.'
  16. 'The mayor was doing a great job of responding to President Thabo Mbeki's mandate to green the townships, she added.'
  17. 'Even in Portland, the government struggles with greening its buildings, says Rob Bennett, manager of the city's Building Division.'
  18. 'And Lusaka Mayor Levy Mkandawire said greening the country had been the plan of the city authority adding that any erring person who would litter the city at free will would be charged.'
  19. 'A bus tour of Soweto was instrumental in showcasing the progress made in greening disadvantaged areas since the World Summit'
  20. 'A handful of U.S. companies install green roofs commercially, but so far high expense prevents them from greening individual residential roofs.'
  21. 'However, if anybody is willing to give me an appropriate sum of money, I will green the desert.'
  22. 'Pained at this ‘inhuman tree-felling’, a tiny group of tree lovers has been involved in the task of greening the city.'
  23. 'I was shown some brave attempts to green the town and to get a windbreak going, but the real issue here is housing.'
  24. 'Auto and General will be greening its offices in Auckland Park.'
Make less harmful to the environment.
  1. 'Quantitative exercises, as well as more lengthy, detailed case studies of businesses that are trying to green their activities would have added depth to what remains a rather abstract analysis.'
  2. 'The Greens have unveiled a radical programme for greening London's transport system.'
  3. 'Office-supply giant Office Depot is teaming up with respected conservation groups in an effort to green its business practices.'
  4. 'Its an excellent starting point for students interested in greening their campuses.'
  5. 'In October, the council released a new set of standards for greening up existing buildings.'
  6. 'Moreover, it is doubtful whether the new instruments for greening the CAP provide enough incentive to change the production methods of those farmers who damage the environment the most.'


1. of the color of growing foliage, between yellow and blue in the spectrum: green leaves.

2. covered with herbage or foliage; verdant: green fields.

3. characterized by the presence of verdure.

4. made of green vegetables, as lettuce, spinach, endive, or chicory: a green salad.

5. not fully developed or perfected in growth or condition; unripe; not properly aged: This peach is still green.

6. unseasoned; not dried or cured: green lumber.

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"lights can be green for progresses."

"wadis can be green with palms."

"trees can be green with leaves."

"trees can be green with hours."

"people can be green in/at/on todays."

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Old English grēne (adjective), grēnian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch groen, German grün, also to grass and grow.


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