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Give (someone) pleasure or satisfaction.
  1. 'the results were gratifying'
  2. 'Because we use the same verb to characterize what pleases and what gratifies us, we are inclined to expect, erroneously, that the liking comes from the same source.'
  3. 'I was very gratified by the response that we got.'
  4. 'On the whole I'm deeply gratified and honoured by the friendship and respect I am offered there.'
  5. 'If the understanding I attain is found useful by others, I am gratified, and I think understanding is a prerequisite for making good policy.'
  6. 'And I was ultimately gratified to get an acceptance letter from her anyway about two months later.'
  7. 'So, I didn't know how it would be received, but I was gratified.'
  8. 'With this in mind, I am most gratified with the test results and would guess that someone with younger eyes could do even better.'
  9. 'What also gratifies him is that veterans of the stage who later made a name for themselves in cinema are willing to come back to theatre and stage a play or two when they find time.'
  10. 'Does it gratify you that your films are taken seriously and that your films still inspire generations of filmmakers who have come after you?'
  11. 'First of all, I'm gratified to note that we largely agree.'
  12. 'The mass-produced fairytale gratifies this desire by emphasising the sense of familiarity achieved through the outward material and ideological sameness.'
  13. 'Looking at the evolutionary history of four everyday domesticated plants (apples, tulips, marijuana and potatoes), he argues that their success stems from their ability to gratify human desires.'
  14. 'Such jurisdiction allowed them to gratify their desires for lavish living.'
  15. 'But after these desires were gratified, ‘less important’ desires would be gratified.'
  16. 'In the second case, there is a need to gratify the craving, regardless of the risk.'
  17. 'It is commendable and desirable, but not essential to the public need, that our aesthetic desires be gratified.'
  18. 'Under colonialism, a nation is a ground on which men may gratify their desires for control and honor.'
  19. 'He adopted their methodological starting point, the assumption that rational actors ‘seek to gratify their desires with the least exertion.’'
  20. 'As a young man, St. Augustine was well practiced in gratifying the desires of his fallen nature.'
  21. 'As soon as we encounter rules, it seems to be human nature to start to get very clever about finding ways to gratify our desires even within the parameters of the rules.'

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1. tending to gratify; giving or causing satisfaction; pleasing.

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"results can be gratifying."

"starts can be gratifying."

"numbers can be gratifying."

"growths can be gratifying."

"senses can be gratifying."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘make pleasing’): from French gratifier or Latin gratificari ‘give or do as a favour’, from gratus ‘pleasing, thankful’.