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A connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate.
  1. 'International gourmets, nutritionists and local media are invited to judge the barbecues.'
  2. 'Two gourmets were discussing the many ways of cooking aubergines.'
  3. 'The three-day food fiesta provided the gourmets the opportunity to savour cuisines from various corners of the country and abroad.'
  4. 'The redoubtable chefs have prepared an expansive range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to satisfy the true gourmets.'
  5. 'And, in the sincere belief that artists know how to eat well, I was off again in search of grub that would make gourmets weep with joy.'
  6. 'The dishes satiate the gourmets, who are conscious of their calories, but want to enjoy good food.'
  7. 'Another food and drink festival is now over, but gourmets and gourmands alike will already be looking forward to whetting their palates at next year's.'
  8. 'Hotels in the city are busy wooing gourmets with food.'
  9. 'The food is fine but will not satisfy the gourmets.'
  10. 'It is happening at the best of restaurants in town, a fusion of the cuisine of the West and East to delight the adventurous gourmets.'
  11. 'Dinner for two in the hotel's gourmet restaurant costs around £45, with wine.'
  12. 'They both had that great French talent for making gourmet meals from ordinary materials.'
  13. 'From his small farm, Charles produces yoghurt, drinking yoghurt and now gourmet goat ice cream as well as cheese.'
  14. 'She discovers that premium rum and gourmet chocolate are unexpectedly thrilling partners'
  15. 'For lunch that day we decided to cook a gourmet meal as we had all the time in the world.'
  16. 'Ultimately, this gourmet feast of pan-Asian delicacy was a success, for the artists and those who attended.'
  17. 'Native Australian oysters will be on gourmet menus around the world next year, as growers in New South Wales gear up to export.'
  18. 'But take the train from Dublin to Cork and you can enjoy gourmet meals and a trolley service etc.'
  19. 'All who attended enjoyed an evening of gourmet seafood, culinary delights & fine wine.'
  20. 'I became the house husband, and got quite good at cooking gourmet meals in our very nicely equipped kitchen.'

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1. a connoisseur of fine food and drink; epicure. adjective

2. of or characteristic of a gourmet, especially in involving or purporting to involve high-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation: gourmet meals; gourmet cooking.

3. elaborately equipped for the preparation of fancy, specialized, or exotic meals: a gourmet kitchen.

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"coffees can be gourmet."

"foods can be gourmet."

"shops can be gourmet."

"markets can be gourmet."

"restaurants can be gourmet."

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Early 19th century: French, originally meaning ‘wine taster’, influenced by gourmand.