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Soft and sticky.
  1. 'The cakes did rise, but there was a gooey soft spot in the center portion of each, just as the recipe intended.'
  2. 'But then she started picking up fast food and eating gooey desserts instead of preparing healthy dinners.'
  3. 'The sticky toffee pud was hot and gooey and sent off a welcome dose of serotonin in the brain.'
  4. 'Prepare everything 48 hours in advance to allow the sugary chocolate to become gooey and sticky and begin to seep into the layers of creamy cranberry.'
  5. 'I was starving, so was pleased that my sag aloo starter - a deliciously red, gooey mess of soft potato pieces in spices - was a decent size.'
  6. 'The thought of the soft middle, crunchy rim, and gooey chocolate morsels was enough to motivate me to win that bet.'
  7. 'They were wonderfully soft and filled with bits of gooey caramel and chocolate.'
  8. 'Alternatively, give ordinary croissants a makeover and stuff them with smoked salmon and gooey soft cheese.'
  9. 'I turned my back for a second and the pan boiled over leaving the stove top in a sticky, gooey mess.'
  10. 'I can particularly recommend the banana tatin, which came with homemade ice-cream, or the gloriously rich and gooey chocolate pudding.'
Mawkishly sentimental.
  1. 'I lost sight of Austin when some drippy, gooey slow song started to play.'
  2. 'Some say it's gooey and sentimental but I think it's beautiful.'
  3. 'The writers juggled a nice mix of comedy, drama and romance pretty well, only occasionally stumbling into gooey sentimentality.'
  4. 'The woman's face melted into a gooey, hopeless romantic expression and her eyes remained focused on me.'
  5. 'Whilst not one to get sentimental about babies, it was hard not to become gooey and emotional at the site of these two tiny creatures.'


1. like or covered with goo; sticky; viscid.

2. Informal. extremely sentimental or emotionally effusive.

More examples(as adjective)

"substances can be gooey."

"oils can be gooey."

"messes can be gooey."

"puppets can be gooey."

"masses can be gooey."

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