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Rich and satisfying in flavour or sound.
  1. 'Bowman's novel starts off slowly but, like a good tea set to steep, becomes richer and more full-bodied as you read.'
  2. 'With reds, you can go from a light, easy-drinking variety to a full-bodied wine that can knock your socks off!'
  3. 'Oliver has a wonderfully sweet voice that is full-bodied and rich in harmonics.'
  4. 'The best by far were the flavoursome and full-bodied standard Russian and Polish vodkas.'
  5. 'Australian white tend to be full-bodied and ripe in style, with tropical flavors and moderate acidity.'
  6. 'The 2003 version has settled and is a rich, full-bodied table wine.'
  7. 'The intense colour and elegant bouquet give way to a rich, full-bodied wine with ripe fruit and polished tannins.'
  8. 'The buttered black bean dahl had a full-bodied spicing to it, a flavour with enough interest that it didn't get boring after a few bites.'
  9. 'All the notes were clearly in his fingers and his head, and he drew a warm, full-bodied sound from the Hamburg Steinway.'
  10. 'Warm touches of crushed blackcurrant and eucalyptus lead to a full-bodied and satisfying finish.'



1. of full strength, flavor, richness, etc.: full-bodied wine; full-bodied writing.

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"wines can be full-bodied."

"recoveries can be full-bodied."

"reds can be full-bodied."

"figures can be full-bodied."

"whites can be full-bodied."

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