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(especially of food or drink) resembling or containing fruit.
  1. 'a light and fruity Beaujolais'
  2. 'Bite into it, the texture is positively silky and the flavour distinctly fruity, a far cry from the floury, thick-skinned specimens we get in the UK.'
  3. 'This compound has a fruity flavour which, when added to the tart taste of acetic acid, gives the complex character to a good wine vinegar.'
  4. '‘Some of them provide a much more fruity flavour,’ Tony explained.'
  5. 'Besides, my dessert selection would certainly benefit from something fruity, would it not?'
  6. 'If you are going to make a honey or fruity salad dressing, it should have only a touch of sweetness, leaving the vinegar as the main player.'
  7. 'As we waited for the next course to arrive, the now obligatory cappuccino-cup of soup arrived - a beautifully fruity tomato soup with the consistency of gazpacho and tinged with melon.'
  8. 'Beaujolais is the perfect wine for people who like the soft fruity reds.'
  9. 'Today we celebrate the marriage with a handful of fruity, creamy recipes for making the most of this season's favourite partners.'
  10. 'Costillas, or pork ribs, come grilled with an interesting fruity sauce that holds its sweetness in check.'
  11. 'When I visited, she had made crêpes, filled with marrow and cauliflower from the garden, a spicy tomato sauce and couscous with some creamy beetroot and fruity carrot salad on the side.'
  12. 'We shared a slice of baked almond tart, served warm with cream and a jam-like fruity sauce.'
  13. 'The triumphant, best-selling result is this rose, a deliciously fruity and delicate wine in an anarchic setting.'
  14. 'It's light and fruity, with plum and raspberry flavours.'
  15. 'You can make this fruity purée up to 1 day ahead; cool, cover, and chill.'
  16. 'In this stovetop recipe, the beef juices meld with dried apricots, mustard, and wine, creating a smoky, fruity stew.'
  17. 'Floral and fruity notes dominate aroma and flavour here.'
  18. 'A pool of apricot purée with mango-cube swimmers plays the role of fruity syrup.'
  19. 'It has clean, assertively fruity hop flavours that stand up to the hottest spices.'
(of a voice or sound) mellow, deep, and rich.
  1. 'All were marked by their quintessential Englishness - their rich, fruity voices take some getting used to if you watch them on video today.'
  2. 'Violist Richard Fleischman played with a vibrant, fruity tone that suited this music perfectly.'
  3. 'It had a height-adjustable driver's seat, electric windows all round, air conditioning and - most important of all - a genuinely fruity stereo.'
  4. 'Another highlight is the new Beetle Cabriolet with its distinctive styling and fruity 1.6 and 2.0-litre engines.'
  5. 'The four-pot JTS motor is smooth, flexible and, though over-silenced, sounds pleasantly fruity.'
  6. 'that is another, more fruity story'
  7. 'I've got a terrible string of fruity obscenities building up inside me.'
  8. 'Trouble is, it has all become a bit fruity and earthy, despite the best efforts of the SRU to keep it clean and wholesome.'
Relating to or associated with homosexuals.
    Eccentric or crazy.
    1. 'Allana bent over and playfully kissed him on the lips as she said, ‘Nothing but the best for the brave, if somewhat fruity, captain.’'
    2. 'They offer a funky range of fruity utility wear.'
    3. 'That sounds totally stuck-up and fruity, but it's true.'
    4. 'That sounds a bit fruity, I know, but its kinda there in the maths.'
    5. 'She's ditzy, a little fruity and unafraid to speak her mind.'
    6. 'She was full-bodied, very soft in the mouth and determinedly fruity.'


    1. resembling fruit; having the taste or smell of fruit.

    2. rich in flavor; pungent.

    3. excessively sweet or mellifluous; cloying; syrupy: a specialist in fruity prose; to read poetry in a fruity voice.

    4. Slang. insane; crazy.

    5. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. of or like a male homosexual.

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    "wines can be fruity with flavours."

    "wines can be fruity."

    "voices can be fruity."

    "sauces can be fruity."

    "parties can be fruity."

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