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    (of a liquid) having turned into ice as a result of extreme cold.
    1. 'Following the weekend cold snap, local heating and plumbing companies reported being swamped with calls about broken furnaces and frozen water pipes.'
    2. 'Some of you might be aware that I am now working for a sport that takes place on frozen water.'
    3. 'And my tracks, leading away from my red backpack and across the frozen lake.'
    4. 'When Mike roared in I was sipping a frozen drink and scanning internet for recent news.'
    5. 'Beware of frozen water supplies in the winter.'
    6. 'This pond will remain frozen pond for months.'
    7. 'It was a rather cool night as "Land of 10,000 [ frozen ] Lakes" Minnesota peaked at high of 28 degrees over the past seven days.'
    8. 'Don a high-tech silver poncho and sip a frosty vodka cocktail from glasses cut from solid blocks of ice while admiring the frozen sculptures.'
    9. 'It's going to be unreasonable like frozen hot chocolate on a snowy day.'
    10. 'The helmsman responded as he maneuvered the Lexington away from the chunk of frozen ice and rock.'
    11. 'The frozen tundra of Antarctica may soon be further out of reach.'
    12. 'Contrary to what many people believe, there is no "land" under the Arctic ice cap, it consists entirely of frozen water, ice, "floating" on liquid water.'
    13. 'The most memorable scene is where the gang chase Atanarjuat for kilometres through a frozen world.'
    14. 'Nigel Collinson writes from Sutton-on-the-Forest wanting to know if the eggs and grubs of vine weevils will survive in the frozen compost of containers.'
    15. 'Last weekend's friendly at home to Oldham had to be called off after an 11 am inspection because of a frozen pitch.'
    16. 'Try winter in Matanuska Valley, Alaska, where frozen lake golf rules.'
    17. 'The carriage passed through a dark forest with tall, frozen, sinister trees that seemed to glower and claw downward at them.'
    18. 'To assess the extent of the damage, you'll need to look beyond frozen or wilting leaves to determine whether the growing point was killed.'
    19. 'Scratching a living out of the frozen north, while living in a house made out of snow - that's pretty damn impressive.'
    20. 'The gruesome discovery, in frozen ground near to a walkway off Walkden Road, was made by a dog walker early on Sunday morning.'
    21. 'The frozen layer turned out to be about 2 feet thick.'
    22. 'Oh, and that elusive frozen pea in the empty pack?'
    23. 'He handed me a large bag of frozen bluegill that he caught recently.'
    24. 'Blue, therefore, is most appropriate for frozen products since it gives the impression of ice.'
    25. 'The first cargo of frozen beef from Australia arrived in London in 1880, and after that became a regular import.'
    26. 'A lady was picking through the frozen chickens at the supermarket, but couldn't find one big enough for her family.'
    27. 'Strange aisle layout, food in odd places, sausagemeat in the frozen foods.'
    28. 'You can also open the overhead lockers without being hit by six truck-sized suitcases and a frozen salmon.'
    29. 'For now, substitute some dried or frozen parsley.'
    30. 'We now buy in bulk from producers in Kent rather than from frozen food outlets. "'
    31. 'Austrian-born Wolfgang Puck has whipped up a $300 million empire ranging from the upscale Spago Hollywood to a line of frozen pizzas.'
    32. 'This was not only a failed exercise in damage limitation on the park, but climatic survival for a frozen audience on arguably the coldest day of the season.'


    1. past participle of freeze. adjective

    2. congealed by cold; turned into ice.

    3. covered with ice, as a stream.

    4. frigid; very cold.

    5. injured or killed by frost or cold.

    6. obstructed by ice, as pipes.

    7. chilly or cold in manner; unfeeling: a frozen stare.

    8. rigid; immobilized: The child was frozen with fear. 9. quick-frozen: frozen foods. 10. (of food) chilled or refrigerated. 1

    1. (especially of a drink) mixed with ice and frappéed in an electric blender. 12

    More examples(as adjective)

    "credits can be frozen at leis."

    "shares can be frozen at pences."

    "polices can be frozen to deaths."

    "fashions can be frozen in times."

    "talks can be frozen amid invectives."

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