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A dish of stewed or fried pieces of meat served in a thick white sauce.
  1. 'We were both served salads of oak leaf, fricassée and a plain vinaigrette dressing.'
  2. 'In the meantime, in the small village of St-Clair, my great-mother Louise Valette cooked duck preserves and stews, pâtés, fricassées and other delightful recipes.'


Make a fricassee of (meat).

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    1. meat, especially chicken or veal, browned lightly, stewed, and served in a sauce made with its own stock.

    verb (used with object), fricasseed, fricasseeing.

    2. to prepare as a fricassee.


    (fricassee)French fricassée, feminine past participle of fricasser ‘cut up and cook in sauce’ (probably a blend of frire ‘to fry’ and casser ‘to break’).