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Bend (something flexible and relatively flat) over on itself so that one part of it covers another.
  1. 'Place stuffing in the centre and then fold the sides together.'
  2. 'A figure lay in the middle of rumpled covers, a pile of clothes carefully folded on a nearby chair.'
  3. 'With the help of a wooden spoon/spatula, fold the omelette in half.'
  4. 'The latter region has the potential to fold into a hairpin secondary structure.'
  5. 'Once the art gallery exhibition closes on June 6, the quilts will be folded up and put back in their storage boxes.'
  6. 'With the spatula, fold one side over the strip of cheese.'
  7. 'It would be nice to fold each side over about an inch and sew it just so it doesn't fray and start to look like a rag.'
  8. 'His clothes were nicely folded on a chair in the corner of the room.'
  9. 'The hidden place, where expression becomes impression and the outside world folds inward, is still here.'
  10. 'She opened the door to see her PT gear freshly laundered and folded on top of her clean soft towel.'
  11. 'fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture'
  12. 'Finally, very stiffly whisked egg whites are folded into the mixture.'
  13. 'In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites to soft peaks and fold into the mixture.'
  14. 'Using a large metal spoon, fold the egg white into the batter.'
  15. 'Fold in sifted flour alternatively with milk - mixture should resemble whipped cream.'
  16. with complement 'the deckchair folds flat'
  17. 'Although the seats don't fold completely flat, space is still ample.'
  18. 'When the ladder is not in use, most designs have a feature that allows them to fold flat against the wall to free up additional floor space.'
  19. 'The back of the passenger seat folds flat to provide a useful work surface.'
  20. 'Even the front passenger seat folds flat for those really long loads while the dual-opening tailgate is a useful feature.'
  21. 'Weighing only 26 ounces, the chair folds into a small, compact package and can be assembled or disassembled in seconds.'
  22. 'The whole assortment is contained in a black cordura carrying case that folds into a surprisingly compact package.'
  23. 'The third row bench folds absolutely flat, but needs some muscle to raise and lower.'
  24. 'The second row comes either with a bench or captain's chairs, while the third row folds flat into the floor.'
  25. 'The third seat folds flat, but unlike newer vehicles, doesn't disappear into the floor.'
  26. 'You, Tony, have got to be willing to sweep the floor and fold the chairs.'
  27. 'He nodded and reached back into the plane to fold his seat forward and grabbed their bags.'
  28. 'When all seats are folded, the vehicle provides more than 90 cubic feet of cargo space.'
  29. 'The seats are folded down, and if I lie diagonally, I can almost stretch out fully.'
  30. 'You can swiftly restore this area to its primitive state, of course, by folding the seats aside and reversing the rug.'
  31. 'When you fold the seats, the Tourer is even more spacious than the Swedish pair.'
  32. 'The seats are set higher and the rear ones have a slide adjustment and can also be folded flat into the floor.'
  33. 'Once he was standing, he folded the chair up, and leaned it against the wall between the bed and the desk.'
  34. 'Reese had folded the seats down and laid crisp clean blankets down on them and had propped pillows up so Genesis could rest.'
  35. 'The usual set-up of tables was gone, leaving the area blank; the tables were folded up and shoved to the various walls.'
  36. 'the sofa folds out'
  37. 'It is made in sections, with pre-formed grooves, and folds out to low coffee-table height - ideal for picnics.'
  38. 'The Screen Machine folds out like a clever bit of metal origami.'
  39. 'The plastic marvel even had a sort of visor that folded out to keep the drops off Marge's thick bifocals.'
  40. 'I'm excited too, because it means I get to buy lots of cool stuff that folds out.'
  41. 'I liked the nicely designed menu, which folds out into a triangular shape.'
  42. 'These units have been strongly folded and thrust during the Miocene.'
  43. 'The Mesozoic layers, probably SW-tilted after the Mesozoic extension, were also folded.'
  44. 'Cross-cutting dykes are folded, partly transposed or boudinaged in the gneissose foliation.'
  45. 'There were also force curves consistent with an attachment of a globular structure folded by an entangled DNA molecule.'
  46. 'Membrane and water-soluble proteins commonly fold into bundles of alpha-helices.'
Cover or wrap something in (a soft or flexible material)
  1. 'Fortunately, the full lengths were not cut down, but were shortened by folding the unwanted canvas over a shorter stretcher.'
  2. 'A flat strip of ‘soft’ iron is folded in half around a mandrel to create the socket.'
  3. 'Finish by folding the overhanging pasta on top and level terrine with an additional layer of pasta.'
  4. 'The paper was successively folded over or covered so that each participant could not see what his or her predecessor had done.'
  5. 'Bob folded her in his arms'
  6. 'He walks over to you and folds you gently into his arms.'
  7. 'Alexander folded her into his arms and gently stroked her sun golden hair.'
  8. 'He whispered when he reached her, folding her in his arms.'
  9. 'He went to his new bride and, kneeling on the floor next to her chair, folded her into his embrace.'
  10. 'She laughed and hugged him, folding him in her wings for a second.'
  11. 'Jess walked over and let herself be folded into a comforting embrace, lifted up until she was seated securely on his lap.'
  12. 'He folded her in a painful embrace and held onto her as if he was hanging on for sweet life itself.'
  13. 'It was Isobel, who rushed towards her and folded her into her arms.'
  14. 'He folded her into his arms, forgetting that he knew her arms were a great treachery.'
  15. 'He folded me in his arms and I stayed there with my arms closed.'
(of an enterprise or organization) cease trading or operating as a result of financial problems.
  1. 'It folded earlier this month, with the loss of 65 jobs.'
  2. 'His business folded in less than a year, as the Egyptians just didn't understand the concept.'
  3. 'If it was allowed to fold these women would lose a lifeline and this would put a greater burden on other statutory services.'
  4. 'Major league baseball is ‘paying the owner of Montreal and the owner of Florida to fold their teams’.'
  5. 'These days, it seems as if most e-commerce news focuses on which sites are folding, who's being bought and which top executives are stepping down.'
  6. 'The price of shares will plunge to zero and, shorn of its source of capital, the enterprise is forced to fold.'
  7. 'By 1835 the regime had imposed stricter censorship than the Restoration and the republican clubs folded.'
  8. 'However, the project folded because the instrument was too expensive for commercialization.'
  9. 'Andrew, who has been a City season ticket holder for 13 years, said it would be catastrophic if the club folded.'
  10. 'Club directors stunned fans last Tuesday by announcing that the club had folded, and that the company had ceased trading.'
  11. 'Experienced, disciplined teams can frustrate the Tigers, who can fold under pressure.'
  12. 'After the last player folded and the game broke up, whatever civility the two sides had mustered quickly evaporated.'
  13. 'Their bargain-bin lineup has a Triple-A whiff to it, and they could easily fold in the second half, like they did last season.'
  14. 'I was surprised by how quickly the Dublin team folded and threw in the towel once Dara Ó Cinnéide scored his goal.'
  15. 'They've been there, they've done it, they rarely fold under psychological pressure.'
  16. 'Weaker teams would have folded after the trauma of their captain's banishment.'
  17. 'I remember the good ole days when Laura would totally fold under the pressure.'
  18. 'Then, this summer, our adopted Italian team folded with debts in the region of £100 million and the entire squad was put up for sale.'
  19. 'On a day when the boo birds were out and the team could have folded, Brooks sparked an important victory.'
  20. 'The team is folding under pressure, and coach Pat Riley is getting angry.'
  21. 'When folding you permanently drop out of the betting and sacrifice any money you have already put into the pot during that deal.'
  22. 'One player folds, and Ness is left to deal with the man who has the biggest stack at the table.'
  23. 'I bet, get raised, and we end up capping it with the other player folding.'


A form or shape produced by the gentle draping of a loose, full garment or piece of cloth.
  1. 'Nosha caught it and the folds of cloth fell open to show Nia whimpering.'
  2. 'This is a long outer garment with loose folds and a head covering.'
  3. 'Beneath the tough outer casing and linear silhouettes are a feast of soft frills and folds.'
  4. 'Ignoring the blades that shot out from the loose folds of Mairgeth's shirt, he shifted his gaze back to Tye.'
  5. 'And over the magnificent, inspiring crowd there floated the green flag, waving its folds in the gentle breeze of the new-born day.'
  6. 'The sleeves were were very loose and had intricate folds in them, except where they tightened into a cuff at the wrist.'
  7. 'He skipped off the gunrest and looked gravely at his watcher, gathering about his legs the loose folds of his gown.'
  8. 'A figure standing at the edge of the camp started towards him, a mass of fluttering gray folds of cloth that matched the somber sky.'
  9. 'The underskirt should also fall in soft folds, but since only part of it is seen, you can use a sheet with a lower thread count.'
  10. 'The folds of Mary's garments are beautifully painted, so is the poise of her head, and all the details of the picture except the figure of the child.'
  11. 'Others have the gaunt, skull-like features and folds of skin you will have seen from television pictures of previous famines.'
  12. 'They may be present at birth or caused by ingrown hairs in the folds of the skin.'
  13. 'Skin discoloration is common in areas of the body that are covered by folds of skin or tight clothing.'
  14. 'It was in form more like a wolf, with bloated, powerful muscles covered in brown folds of skin.'
  15. 'The rough folds of skin at the corners of the familiar eyes became taut and she grimaced in pitiful disgust.'
  16. 'But scales are folds in skin; feathers are complex structures with a barb, barbules and hooks.'
  17. 'I pulled them out and the folds of skin fit back together almost seamlessly.'
  18. 'It was eyeless and had no ears, the folds of its skin creating the effect that its hide would fall from its bones at a moment's notice.'
  19. 'Nails grow out of deep folds in the skin of the fingers and toes.'
  20. 'She ran up to Cathal and wrapped her arms around his neck, practically burying her head in the folds of skin on his neck.'
A slight hill or hollow in the ground.
  1. 'He stood still, looking out across the moonlight, his head a little raised, and his ears spread like fans, up to the great folds of the Garo hills.'
  2. 'It has conveniently, or not depending on your perspective, concealed itself in the fold of one of the many valleys.'
  3. 'He stared out at the darkened folds of the valley and the fading strip of radiance at the other end.'
  4. 'Trudging up the glen, one comes gradually upon a little limewashed house clinging to a fold in the hills.'
  5. 'Perhaps it would be better instead to find a nice hidden fold in the hills on which to site a small, unobtrusive nuclear power station.'
  6. 'Climbing its slopes, with a twinge of excitement I spot an encampment of black tents set in the fold of a green glen.'
  7. 'This is a film about rivers, mountains, and the folds in the land that can support following and hiding.'
  8. 'It lies in a fold in the hill east of St Helena and had been developed as a vineyard and winery in the 1880s by the Swiss-Italian family of Anton Rosi.'
  9. 'Asymmetrical folds and axial planar quartz veins, isoclinal and rootless folds and boudinage of chert layers are common.'
  10. 'In the study area, the surface geology of the foreland fold and thrust belt is dominated by the south Urals accretionary complex.'
A line or crease produced in paper or cloth as the result of folding it.
  1. 'The folds have worn translucent lines into the rough drawing paper.'
  2. 'But there is a fragment - four pages - below the fold.'
  3. 'Fold the sleeves in half lengthwise to find the center and mark a line along the fold.'
  4. 'It turns out the Trib and the Globe both ran the story on page 1 below the fold.'
  5. 'In one case, printed on 21 sheets of paper, just below the horizontal fold, over to the right and at about 45 degrees are the words ‘Life Bonds’.'
  6. 'Gently pull the paper so that it tightens and you can crease the folds as shown to make it lie perfectly flat.'
  7. 'She prefers bolder colors anyway, and it looks way too hard to make all those folds in the paper.'
  8. 'Tony fingered the script nervously, aware of every bend and fold in the paper.'
  9. 'Folding clothes gives a sharp crease along the fold line.'
  10. 'Kirby unfolded the paper to find a dried pink rose pressed within the fold.'
  11. 'The man went back inside and a few minutes later returned with a fold of paper.'
  12. 'Carefully, she opened the letter and slid the paper out of its fold.'
  13. 'The kind man untied her bonds and handed her a mass of folds of blue cloth.'
  14. 'Instead Sunil clenches his paper into folds, picks up his case, and gets off at Waterloo.'

More definitions

1. to bend (cloth, paper, etc.) over upon itself.

2. to bring into a compact form by bending and laying parts together (often followed by up): to fold up a map; to fold one's legs under oneself.

3. to bring (the arms, hands, etc.) together in an intertwined or crossed manner; clasp; cross: He folded his arms on his chest.

4. to bend or wind (usually followed by about, round, etc.): to fold one's arms about a person's neck.

5. to bring (the wings) close to th

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"sheets can be folded."

"arms can be folded."

"backs can be folded."

"papers can be folded."

"pieces can be folded."

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(fold)Old English falden, fealden, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vouwen and German falten.


above (or below) the fold
fold one's arms
fold one's hands