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(of a part of a person's body) soft, loose, and fleshy.
  1. 'Five minutes a day of abdominal exercise will tone a flabby stomach.'
  2. 'Besides, it improves general body shape - no one wants a flabby stomach in the summer!'
  3. 'He gestured to her stomach and flabby arms before folding his own arms.'
  4. 'As I look at my flabby body and my wasted muscles it is truly amazing that it managed to run 26.2 miles just 52 weeks ago.'
  5. 'You hardly need reminding that a hardcore physique complete with ripped abs is likely to be much more attractive than a flabby body weighed down by its own fat.'
  6. 'I said that she had muscular arms but a flabby stomach.'
  7. 'Still, for people to be so interested in you that your cellulite, bad-hair days and flabby stomach become a topic of conversation is affirmation of a sort.'
  8. 'He lost so much fat that he was able to transform his flabby body into a shredded physique complete with ripped abs!'
  9. 'I have a flabby stomach and I tried situps but it's not working.'
  10. 'He was so glad that he didn't have a flabby stomach.'
  11. 'I feel flabby, unhealthy and basically so out-of-form.'
  12. 'But perhaps it is justified to form a negative assessment about the judgment and diligence of a person who is overweight and flabby.'
  13. 'Sedate motorway driving in my comfortable car is making me soft and flabby, but I've seen the future.'
  14. 'flabby, colourless prose'
  15. 'But there's a huge advantage in being a private company, as long as we use that wisely and don't become flabby or soft in the way we approach the business.'
  16. 'Trilling was concerned that, with such a dearth of intellectual challenge, liberalism would become soft, complacent, flabby.'


1. hanging loosely or limply, as flesh or muscles; flaccid.

2. having such flesh.

3. lacking strength or determination.

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"people can be flabby."

"finances can be flabby."

"thighs can be flabby."

"shapes can be flabby."

"politicos can be flabby."

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Late 17th century: alteration of earlier flappy.