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(of a drink) containing bubbles of gas; effervescent.
  1. 'You should be aiming to drink two to three litres of water every day and reduce your intake of alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks because these can be dehydrating.'
  2. 'I generally don't agree with the belief that you can drink fizzy wine with food, but I will make an exception for Lambrusco.'
  3. 'Children who consume fizzy drinks once a day or more are twice as likely to suffer tooth erosion than those who consume such drinks less than once a day.'
  4. 'Huge chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, luscious cakes and tempting sweets are in every shop.'
  5. 'People choose to spend money on junk food, sweets and fizzy pops.'
  6. 'With regard drinks, I increased my water intake to about 2 or 3 litres a day and juices replaced fizzy drinks.'
  7. 'Orange squash, fizzy drinks, beer etc were all produced in bottles made of glass.'
  8. 'Carbonated alcoholic drinks, or spirits mixed with fizzy drinks can also affect how fast alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.'
  9. 'Avoid drinks at bedtime that increase urine production, including those containing caffeine, acidic juices and fizzy drinks.'
  10. 'Up to 348 million litres of fizzy drinks were sold in the year to May, an 11% rise on the previous year.'
  11. 'fizzy new wave pop'
  12. 'The fizzy synth pop that emerged on their second album dominates their latest, drawing more on the halcyon days of glam than disco.'


1. bubbly; fizzing.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be fizzy with excitements."

"people can be fizzy at shows."

"drinks can be fizzy."

"wines can be fizzy."

"pops can be fizzy."

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