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Having gained knowledge or skill in a particular field over time.
  1. 'she was experienced in marketing'
  2. 'Zoe enjoys horse riding and has two horses, one of which is an experienced competitor in eventing.'
  3. 'Participants were recruited in their practice or at home by an experienced nurse or dietician.'
  4. 'He is also an experienced competitor on this stage, suggesting he would be tough to overcome.'
  5. 'It has also taken on an experienced works manager and acquired two small suppliers of key components.'
  6. 'We will keep all of them on and set out to surround them with more experienced players next season.'
  7. 'So why should the ordinary person not need an experienced professional to look after their investments?'
  8. 'In the immediate aftermath just the sound of a train left the experienced driver in despair.'
  9. 'The fact is that it is a complicated case that needs the service of experienced health staff.'
  10. 'An experienced guide will accompany the trip to commentate on specific battles.'
  11. 'The most experienced authors in the field have come across quite a number of children who appear to grow out of autism.'


1. wise or skillful in a particular field through experience: an experienced teacher.

2. having learned through experience; taught by experience: experienced through adversity.

3. endured; undergone; suffered through: experienced misfortunes.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be experienced in roles."

"heads can be experienced in things."

"pilots can be experienced at flyings."

"people can be experienced on matters."

"people can be experienced in abuses."

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