Adjective "Escalloped" definition and examples

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      A scallop shell as a charge.
      1. 'About the only tangible connection is the coat of arms (containing the three escallops of the Graham Clan).'


      1. 'There we enjoyed a glass of excellent Merlot, along with a delicious dish of escalloped fish and potatoes.'

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      verb (used with object)

      1. to bake (food cut into pieces) in a sauce or other liquid, often with crumbs on top; scallop.

      2. to bake (fish, potatoes, etc.) in scallop shells.


      3. scallop.

      4. Heraldry. a representation of a scallop shell, traditionally associated with pilgrimages and crusades.


      (escallop)Late 15th century (in escallop (sense 2 of the noun)): from Old French escalope ‘shell’. Compare with escalope and scallop.