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Strongly wanting to do or have something.
  1. 'young intellectuals eager for knowledge'
  2. 'You let the phone ring twice before answering, lest you appear overly eager.'
  3. 'He was approached half a dozen times by reporters, all eager for an interview.'
  4. 'Time and again, Hendrie warned his side of the danger of being outfought by more eager opponents.'
  5. 'I can understand that Blackburn are eager for a reply but I cannot give them my decision yet.'
  6. 'Tim sounded eager, and he bounced from his heels to his toes.'
  7. 'All were extremely enthusiastic, and eager for everyone on the course to do well.'
  8. 'What is it that makes her so eager to please?'
  9. 'I was fascinated to watch her plying her trade to the many young girls eager for her wares.'
  10. 'People were so eager to vote that we had to bring in extra ballot boxes and thousands of ballot papers to meet the demand.'
  11. 'From this point she is only too eager to turn her talent and visibility into a full time career.'
  12. 'Kit nodded and leapt to her feet, an eager expression appearing on her face as she did so.'
  13. 'Bridge leaned over and glanced at the maps with an eager expression on her face.'


1. keen or ardent in desire or feeling; impatiently longing: I am eager for news about them. He is eager to sing.

2. characterized by or revealing great earnestness: an eager look.

3. Obsolete. keen; sharp; biting.

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"businessmen can be eager for links."

"protests can be eager for reforms."

"markets can be eager for newses."

"analysts can be eager for newses."

"people can be eager for changes."

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(eager)Middle English (also in the sense ‘pungent, sour’): from Old French aigre ‘keen’, from Latin acer, acr- ‘sharp, pungent’.